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A child lying at the corner

crying at his fate.

A face that reminds me

of the lost happiness.


Just tired of existing ruthless,

it has many things to tell

and yet, much more to hide.

The innocence is lost amidst the burden

upon the little shoulders.


His pain needs to be seen

His cries should have been heard,

but who can pause for this little one

and give a moment of comfort?


His sighs vanish in the air,

being left out – leaves him nowhere.

His dreams twinkle in his eyes

but soon, they get eroded with tears!


A will to survive,

pave way for his beliefs

the need is courage, not sympathy

for he hopes to succeed!

3 thoughts on “Obscure

  1. nice one…

    i gave him a penny and he bought a cigarette
    i gave him food – he fought over the bread
    i gave him clothes – “its not enough”, he said
    i gave him boots but he cut and bled

    so i showed him the place
    where he could lie down and shed
    some tears of pain
    time and again

    i gave him attitude and his fear has fled
    i gave him hope and he hopes to be someone else…

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