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Nineteen miles north of Kathmandu closer to the Tibetan border lies a small village of Nuwakot. It is one of the untouched Newari townships from the late 17th century. Nuwakot Bazaar is a centre-piece of the Nepalese story; from shaping of far-flung tribes and of trans-Himalayan races into a unified kingdom as Nepal. The place contains historical significance such as Nuwakot 7 storey old Palace located in the village of Devighat located at the confluence of the Tadi and Trishuli Rivers.

Pleasant upstream walk along the bank of raging Trisuli River, views of green forests on one side and lush vegetation on the other, floras and faunas, 360 view of the snowy peaks and the village itself are the highlights of the trek. Cultural practices of Malla period continues to be the main attraction for tourists in this area. It is one of Nepal’s most serene getaways which is worth visiting.

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Nuwakot Facts:

Coordinates27° 55′ 0″ N, 85° 15′ 0″ E
Population (2011)277,471

Nuwakot Map:

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking to Nuwakot Durbar01/04/2017
Hiking from Bidur to Nuwakot Durbar16/02/2014
Hiking from Ranipauwa to Nuwakot26/11/2011
Hiking from Battar to Nuwakot Durbar25/09/2011
Hiking from Battar to Nuwakot Durbar18/04/2010
Hiking from Trishuli Bazar to Nuwakot Durbar13/07/2008
Hiking from Ranipauwa to Nuwakot Durbar14/01/2007
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