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Notice Me Not…

The spring flower is saddened at the season’s end.

For none had thought to stop and smell her.

The breath of life, sparsely remembered still causes the hearts of all to beat

Yet most often is remembered not… lest she is shallowed or lost.

When night kisses day and day embraces night…Sunrise…Sunset;

But quick is their love and few but seem to notice.

A drunkard swaying to an fro; aware only of the blurred images before him,

Speaks the truth that most care not to hear.

I stand …Notice me not…

2 thoughts on “Notice Me Not…

  1. it must’ve been the flesh that eye eat
    that eye heard u, but eye was a creep

    saW u as nothin
    but needed to give up siiing u n give in
    for in ur unholy darkness,
    eye’d been slipslidin, unseen

    for darkness eye’ve cried,
    for darkness eye’ve lied
    for darkness eye’ve lived,
    for darkness eye’ve died

    now there’s still nothing,
    but there’s no more bereft

    for this,
    eye thank you
    saw you too
    for showing me the way

    eye remain unconsumed…
    my humble namastē

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