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Nhu Da 1131 and some random shots.

भिंतुना दु भिंतुना ! न्हू दँया भिंतुना !

15 thoughts on “Nhu Da 1131 and some random shots.

  1. fantastic,wonderful nuhudaya bhintuna 1131 , god that it, nice covergae special photography to me. lost my password so writng comments as common commenter heheheh, suresh maharjan has shown special photographic skills many times before too at special hiking trekking or ocassions like this nepal new year, I love and worship those odd and even feet they are so holy, blessed

  2. Suresh! Great effort. Thank you for bringing these moments from a parade to celebrate Nepalese New Year 1131, known as Nepal Sambat in Kathmandu yesterday. On the parade, girls from ethnic Newar community wearing traditional dress and playing flute was pretty interesting. Yesterday I was there too and I did manage to get some good shots of them.

  3. nice collection of Nhu Da ya Bhintuna 1131 ..

    good job Suresh Dai..

    mandala, watching, ahead, legend of flute, odd n even are some shots i liked .. thanks for sharing ..

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