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New York Uncut

TQM said: Did you like New York?

GBG said: Yes, I did. The glitz and all that. It was dirty, though. Almost like Kathmandu.

TQM said: Yes it is. But I am amazed at how they manage to take care of such a huge population’s leftover.  What remains on the streets is, in fact, negligible [relatively].

Note: The population of New York is 19.5 million (2009 est.). The population of Kathmandu is 1.7 million (2009 est.)

GBG thought: We’ve got to do a better job.

8 thoughts on “New York Uncut

  1. Nice series.. ya loved the way captions are made.. one can almost make a sentence out of it

    …Please park out there in the blue wind line, move and ring up the leftover rectangle for the purpose of little relief :p

  2. Nice one ..
    New York – Almost like Kathmandu. (Y)

    loved these shots :- hail, blue, little, one-o-the-best (very creative)

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