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Posted by: Niks

Now Nepal Rastra Bank is really taking good step. According to recent cabinet meeting approval, NRB is replacing King’s image by the Buddha image on Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes. NRB design committee has suggested adding Buddha photo from various samples. As notified by the central bank this is going to come by next 6 month.


This is really a good change. Buddha is born in Nepal, and now is going to be added on notes. Everyone will at least see him and think of PEACE. Let’s hope picture of Buddha in Nepali notes will really bring good fortune and peace in Nepal. I am Fed up with wars, Banda and Julush. May this be the beginning of new era!

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  1. Pravash Thapa

    Dherai ramro khabar. Jahile pani hami matra kati monestry/temple dhaune??? Aba hami kaha nai mahina ko 1 gatee/tarik ma sawayam buddha nai aune chan pocket ma…

    Isn’t that great??? Hope it will not fuel up the Hindu exterimist for another riot.. b’coz one doesn’t need really good reason for Nepal Bandha/Chhaka jam…Hoina ra???

  2. nishchal

    It’s self definition how we are going to define it. The definition proofs how intellectual he/she is. There is great value of symbol and sign.

  3. pawan

    यो त मेरो साथीको कुरा जस्तै भयो, जो देशमा अशान्ति भयो भन्दै शान्ति भन्ने केटीको पछि लाग्थो।

  4. Kumar Pradhanang

    This is really great. We should take this as a new beginning and all should head in the positive direction with all the heart and soul.

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