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Music of Nepal: Dying???

With the recent breakthrough in communication, people are able to communicate with each other’s despite their location. This communications leads people to exchange of idea amongst people. One of these exchanges of idea is music. By being able to communicate, it influences people on what kind of genre of music should they listen to.
This has led people to blend culture and idea together and first by product of this is music. I, for one, am unsure of result and contemplate on whether to embrace the product or reject it.

Being born in late 80’s in Nepal, I grew up with fusion of Rock and Nepali, as result of Nepali Rock. Rock music has already arrived in Kathmandu in the 70’s due to arrival of “hippies.” After the arrival of the hippies, more musicians in Nepal have tried some sort of fusion with their songs. For example, there are various Nepali songs, where in the middle of the song there are some English lyrics or phrases embed in the songs. On the present day, there are several popular Nepali rock and roll bands such as Nepathya, Robin N Looza, Mukti and Revival, and Cobweb. With better technology and communication has lead to emergence of more rock bands and promoted by KtmRocks, a magazine, which has influenced and promoted to emergence of numerous bands in Nepal. With the recent influxes of various genre of being incorporated with Nepali song, what will happen to the indigenous music of Nepal? With maybe the next generation will the indigenous music become extinct and will we, Nepali, listen to them in audio cassettes?
With ever-growing popular genre in music, have landed in Nepal, now the question that remains how does the future look for indigenous music of Nepal? The future for indigenous music of Nepal looks very bleak because as new generation of Nepali musician are focused in pop, rock and rap. As result, there will be not be anyone, in the near future, who is going to focus in the indigenous music of Nepal. Furthermore, I fear that indigenous music instruments are not going to be constructed. On top of that, I think there are few people that even know the names of the local instruments in Nepal.
My only solution to this problem is that Nepali musician should not forget about the ingenious music and instruments, rather they also learn how to play them.