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Hiking from Mudkhu to 35 Kilo

Hiking Route: Mudkhu to 35 kilo
Theme: TAPOBAN- An amble on behalf of fun
Date: 11th April 2010
Duration: 4 hrs.
Distance: 6 km.
Hike Coordinator: Ritesh Khanal
Participants: Anuj Bhandari, Asim Khanal, Deepak Maharjan, Jeevan Singh Basnet, Kapil Pandey, Pravinda Ranjit, Rajiv Shrestha, Ritesh Khanal and Ritesh Sapkota
Photos: Pravinda Ranjit
Caption: Pravinda Ranjit
Report By: Anuj Bhandari

“If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”
– Raymond Inmon

Perhaps, I had missed those whispers; conceivably, I had forgotten the use of my feet. But, honestly, every week when I used to see the hikers list, I wished I could be the one; I wished I would make good use of my powered legs. And this time, and for the fourth time in ten months of stay at D2, I wanted to hear the angel’s whisper.

In my pace, it is just a 30 minutes’ walk from my cozy bed to the office. Moreover, I had planned to walk the whole day. And still, my lazy mind kept searching for something that would carry me to office. Quietly chuckling over this impractical thought, I collected myself in office premises. Sometimes, my punctuality kills me. I had prepared myself for that because I was there just before the requested time. But Pravinda was catnapping at the entrance door. That killed me, terribly.

One after another, the hikers started showing up. Table tennis, at the ground floor was a satisfying time-pass. Lining up for the count, was another way to engage at that odd moment, which I rarely do at other times. When all were there, van geared up. I remained wondering how the day would pass. Some faces in the van were feebly into my acquaintance, and I was afraid I would have to walk, just walk alone the whole day. Seconds after seconds, more people became familiar making me comfortable. After an hour’s drive, we were at the start of our hiking point. I liked the choice of Ritesh , the coordinator. What all hate at the midst March, for the walk, is the scorching sun. So, I liked the choice for the hiking territory, in between the woods, surrounded by the jungle-whiff, affluent with vegetations. But the alluring words of coordinator explained that we were going to have a simple and enjoyable walk, we would have ways to walk, shades to rest, naturally-sterilized water to drink if we dared to, river and a small fall and “Much More”. Some suspicious senses suggested me that he was merely trying to cheer-up the team against the sun; right-mind urged me to trust him. After all, we were in between the green, and green has everything.

With every piece of chips, lips wore smiles; with every drop of drink, we were delighted. But with every word, there was something to mark, something to laugh at, and something to acclaim. Each moment I discovered something special in everyone.

Encumbered with the edibles, we started walking down the road, followed by the narrow paths, somewhere followed by no traces of ways at all. Still, everyone curved a way of their own and we were soon at a river’s bank. That pleased me. Then I started expecting the small fall, and “Much More”. Walking through the river was cool, some leading the way, some lagging behind, some shouting aloud, some whistling somehow, some songs in tune, some laughter out loud, each was a hint that we were together. The leaders of the way had gathered at the edge of the river, with a sweating face, yet a glowing smile. The Small Fall was right there. That was right place to rest and relax, fuel the stomach, clinch the thrust, do the dew. With every piece of chips, lips wore smiles; with every drop of drink, we were delighted. But with every word, there was something to mark, something to laugh at, and something to acclaim. Each moment I discovered something special in everyone. Something to state, Pravinda, you nearly tore our stomachs apart. Kapil , you share Pravinda ’s compliment, and appending on, you are a very skilled and creative writer…

Aaja rati timro ghar ma chatyaang paree hunthyo
Aago laagi dandani timi maree hunthyo…

Those words echoing and the steps following, we made our way to the top of the hill. I had relished everything, far above my expectation, may be to the extreme of so called ‘Much More’, usually, returning back the same route after climbing up is my little unwished part of hike. That day, I didn’t bother at all. While returning, I got to recall each of the incidents, words, laughter. Legs were tired, hands helped to return. Intestine twisted laughing, giggle helped. Silly we, no one had a better camera to take the pictures of whatever we could see, yet again the point and shoot camera helped us to capture some of our memories(blurred and of low quality). Hungry belly was soothed somehow by the remaining stuffs. Even the aroma of potato chips helped. With the setting sun, we tranquiled ourselves in the resort expecting the largest lunch ever. That was the coolest place to lay ourselves, enjoy the fullest, and listen to some Pink Floyd pieces-

“You say the hill’s too steep to climb, Climb it.
You say you’d like to see me try Climbing.”.

Finally, that was the coolest time to return back home, with tired legs, sick eyes, mild face, much to wonder about the great Hike… thanking the angel for the long missed whisper, thanking the coordinator for the blissful day!!!!

jet set go
01 jet set go
breakfast is ready
02 breakfast is ready
local fruit seller
03 local fruit seller
pigs on sale
04 pigs on sale
the scorching sun
05 the scorching sun
whoz gonna step first
06 whoz gonna step first
do the dew
07 do the dew
Legs were tired, hands helped to turn
08 Legs were tired, hands helped to turn
can`t hold my steps
09 can`t hold my steps
somebody help me
10 somebody help me
everyone curved  a way of their own
11 everyone curved a way of their own
green, and green has everything
12 green, and green has everything
healthy trail
13 healthy trail
hiking territory
14 hiking territory
one missing
15 one missing
is he alone now
16 is he alone now
by the jungle-whiff
17 by the jungle-whiff
giant fellow
18 giant fellow
some songs in tune
19 some songs in tune
small world
20 small world
spot the hikers
21 spot the hikers
the river was cool
22 the river was cool
can be in taken directly
23 can be in taken directly
horror show
24 horror show
small spring
25 small spring
dragon Fly
26 dragon Fly
sweating face, yet a glowing smile
27 sweating face, yet a glowing smile
What is your risk index
28 What is your risk index
risky business
29 risky business
who say love is in the air
30 who say love is in the air
31 reessssssst

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