Morning Silhouette

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Morning walking silhouette
325. Morning Silhouette
Photo By: Digital Monk
Post Date: 23rd Jan, 2009

Silhouette: a drawing of the outline of an object; filled in with some uniform color.

A shot close to the previous spot. This was again clicked around Pashupatinath temple. I’m going to refer to this particular location as the misty passage. The place was really dynamic as in the colors, lighting, visibility etc all changed with every passing minute – what a treat. I would just wait for a while and the place would look completely different from how it was few minutes ago. Talk about being at the right place at the time! :-)

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  1. DreamSky

    This is undoubtedly a perfect shot.

    I am already a big fan of DigiMonk’s photography and this is one his never to be forgotten photography from his series.

  2. workinprogress

    Digi!!!! I found you here as well!
    Without a doubt, this photo is amazing and it ain’t only you being at the right place at the right time…but you having the most amazing perspective as well!
    kick-a** =)

  3. Shutterbug

    Harmonious Shot! Digital Monk. Perfect choice for opting silhouette and freezing a man, who seems entering the frame. Without this man picture would totally give different essence. Yes I agree ‘decisive moment’ , which is crucial to this picture. Even a minute before and after could make the whole light a way different feeling. Philosophically I would love to perceive this picture: that those dreamy beams of light as ‘passage to nirvana’ and human pursuing it.

    Great work! My both thumbs up.

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