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March to the God..

Hindu Pilgrims from India march to the Holy Temple of Pashupatinath, Nepal.

6 thoughts on “March to the God..

  1. Rabi! Seem like you missed to read the line at the bottom of each LIN’s post. Which says, ‘If you want to see your work featured here in Life in Nepal photography series, please send us your work at – LIN Editor

    You can’t post your pictures in ‘Life in Nepal’ on your own. Only LIN Editor (Admin Team) can do that after they receive contributor’s pictures via email. And pictures must satisfy ‘Life in Nepal Guideline 1.0’.

    Excuse us for this interaction, which I guess is informative to all.

  2. thanks… infact i actually had posted all these pics in LIN but i don’t get why it gets published in Photo Blogs instead… i might have followed a wrong procedures of posting.. but then it doesn’t seem like that aswell… why?? lol…
    also i’ve already returned from nepal… i would have love to takes pictures for LIN…
    however, i’ve few pics that i’d like to post here which u might have already seen in either FB or Flickr… 😆

  3. Well Rabi, I have seen this picture elsewhere before it gets published here in EU. Since you are back home, why don’t you try to click some for LIN of EU. We would love to see more creative pictures from you. Good luck.

  4. 🙂 how did u find out mi name?? thanks for the appreciations.. i’d love to have mi pic posted at Life in nepal, even though i have just few to contribute. 😛

  5. Excellent Work! Rabi. I am impressed seeing the way you picked the ‘subject’ and the way you composed the picture. Warmth brought by those patches of red saris and selective focus on the men’s turban and cool subtle natural light in this picture, all played harmonious role. Seem like you pursue photography in depth. I wish we could see this picture in large.

    Khambule! How about contributing your pictures for Life in Nepal section of this EU?

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