Manakamana Hiking

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Twenty two kilometers south-west of Kathmandu is one of the major sites of Nepal dedicated to goddess Kali. Hiking up the Manakamana trail is moderately hard, but a healthy takes less than four hours to reach at the top. From the top a nice vista of the valley below can be viewed.
The route begins at the suspension bridge over trisuli river. Also during November to February you might find some sweet local oranges on the way up.

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Manakamana Facts:

Coordinates27°54′16.2″N 84°35′03.3″E
Access23km south-west of kathmandu

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Manakamana Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hike to Manakamana09/06/2018
Hiking from Abu Khaireni to Manakamana14/11/2009
Hiking from Abu Khaireni to Manakamana27/05/2009
Hiking from Kurintar to Manakamana11/01/2009
Hiking from Kurintar to Manakamana24/08/2008
Hiking from Anbu Khaireni to Manakamana via Kurintar20/05/2007
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