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Nilesh Shrestha


Management Guru

We are driven by God gifted instincts. We always react instantly to safety and then set habit to stay in comfort by keeping away from danger. One can rarely see a person not running away from a burning fire; one can rarely see a person not trying to cover up to warm up from cold and one can hardly see a person not eating when hungry. When we are hungry, we are forced to eat to survive and knowing that we need to eat, we eat regularly even if we do not feel hungry. If one does not do that then he is sick.

If someone’s health is degrading our medical science has evolved to the stage that it has formulated many parameters to prove the sickness. A successful company’s management is never criticized and a failure company’s management is always the first thing to blame no matter who runs the company. We have seen that with YouTube and Enron. One doesn’t need to be a graduate in Management (Management Guru) to manage successfully.

The statement I have just put can be very controversial. Being a healthy person is very different from being a medical doctor.

A medical doctor can check a person and generate his health report; on the contrary the doctor himself can be a sick person. You know, it is easier said that done. Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating , Reporting, Budgeting etc are defined parameters which are in the head of the management gurus to quantify or justify the level of management, but having these learnt is just not enough to make you a good manager. It is an instinct that you inherit. It is something that you have to born with. The Total Quality Management that Gurus are preaching is different from what practical Managers pitch to get jobs done. There are books that tell you how to motivate your coworkers; there are books that tell you how to organize your things and there are books that even tell you how to become successful. I have read few such books and got impressed but I found myself getting lost all the time when I try to follow it.

Eventually I dumped it and followed my instinct to organize myself. So I strongly believe that all of you can become a successful manager one day and exercise quality management totally coming out of your instinct and your capability. The theory helps but is just and idea and the field training is just what all of you need. I know my ideas are extreme but this is how it is!