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MAHASHIVARATRI AND ARMY DAY 2063 or was it 2062????? in Army’s Flag

Today was Maha Shivaratri and Army Day 2063 or was it 2062 or may be both. I have something very interesting to share.I was enjoying the sunshine this afternoon when I noticed two army choppers flying in the sky,both these choppers were carrying some kind of a flag,the first chopper had a flag where it was written ” MAHA SHIVA RATRI AND ARMY DAY 2007″ in English which was …

……………………followed by another chopper where the writing was in Nepali ,to my biggest surprise I noticed that on one side of the flag the date was 2063, the 3 of which was over written in possibly a flag from last year but the concerned failed to check that the other side of the flag still had 2062,one side had 2063 and the other side 2062.The chopper flew over Kathmandu a few times with this flag.I ran to my room took out my camera and managed to click pictures,while the choppers where making their final rounds with great pride during their Army Day.This is sheer stupidity and extreme heights of carelessness.May be Nepalese Army does not want to change with the changing times or is reluctant to do so.

Nepal Army Chopper

Nepal Army Chopper Flag Displaying 2062

Nepal Army Chopper Flag Displaying 2063 with “3” Edited.

I have something more to add,people talk about amendment in the constitution.Well I have one suggestion… one should be treated special within temple premises,if wanna worship stay in the line if not you wont be allowed in.Everyone should be treated the same…Can someone please provide me with the data,what is the number of people who faint or need to been rushed to hospitals during these special festival when the crowd are made to wait for hours and hours for the VVIPs to arrive.What is the percentage of elderly who are made to wait to the VVIPs to finish their puja.I wonder weather we have acheived loktantra,is everyone equal???What I have heard this year,was that no special passes where distributed,for the so called”special guests” visiting the temple.Why need special passes,why only a handful of people get to enjoy all the privileges in Nepal,”the VVIPs and their acquaintances”.What I am concerned is those people with no passes need to queue up for hours and hours and handful of people get special passes,I think no one has raised this issue seriously,where are people who talk about LOKTANTRA??????I think the politicians themselves want to enjoy this privilege.Does one need to call for a Nepal Banda or Valley Banda for issues like these to be addressed.

—PRAJ, February 16, 2007 Army Day

20 thoughts on “MAHASHIVARATRI AND ARMY DAY 2063 or was it 2062????? in Army’s Flag

  1. very true mistakes can happen and ghode jatra is nothing great and happened a long time ago……..but its good that someone was able to catch this…….we cant keep on saying that the country is screwed up.

  2. This is not photoshop play. I have seen this mistake in original photos. But, mistakes happen. What a big deal! Let us all learn from this and move on. First of all, why do people gather for something called “Ghode Jatra” in a country where everything is screwed up and where people are dieing everyday in search of their right. People, get life and do your duty.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  3. hey nayanepal pande,
    looks like to you everything is photo shop propoganda. we all would be glad if both you and noname could disprove this. i am waiting for someone to disprove this, where are all the army men gone………do they have any answer to this blunder.
    jai nepal

  4. This was the first time the SPAM criminals handled the Army and they couldn’t even gather crowd or do it properly. The Army must be under the King and not under criminals.

  5. hey nayapal,are u related to the army,if so very good and if your voice could be heard,tell those ppl in army to investigate on this issue,there must be many media camera both video and still. anyone can investigate on this issue its just that someone captured it.why is it hard for you to diges the truth.common if you can do an investigation and find out whats what and whats not.

  6. NAYPALPANEBIRODHI, TIMRO LAAJ LAAGDAINA!!SHARM CHHAINA. Shameless!! If u have somebody who can tamper pictures ask him, or ask the GUY in RNA to Defend it, FOOLish Idea fellow, just don’t brag, show Proof.

  7. talk sense my fellow people, mistakes happen. However a bit of clever photo shop is all that is needed in this case, is that not right mr.praj.

  8. Pawan, I like your Idea. Our nepal Army must clen from root the Kingly pride show off from last 300 years and become more liberal democratic and qualitative in presenting to world.

  9. This is one institute that lives on hollow pride. When it comes to big show time, they failed to deliver. They terribly failed to quill the maoists insurgency despite their overwhelming number–many experts believed maoists has no more than five to seven thousand core fighters, and yet ninety thousand of nation’s security guard could not do anything. Nation spends more than 11 billion Rupees each year on these bug-heads. And here they are, could not fix simple date from last year. Yes there is huge mismanagement and sure need to shake this institute.

  10. Good catch Praj. This shows how careless the NA management is. There is huge corruption and mis-management inside NA. They are useless and they do not know how to fight. The Maoists took advantage of their weakness and made them hide inside their barracks. NA has tradition of nepotism and favorism when it comes to promotion and rewards. Only those close to the royals have prospered and they have made NA their family business. There needs some cleanup.

    Yestai Ho

  11. This picture clearly demonstrates about Nepal Army’s carelessness and their irresponsibility towards nation and its people. Who they think about Nepalese people?? Stupid?? can’t they even read what is written in the banner hanged on chopper??
    Shame Shame


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