Love That….

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Love that starts with the opening of eyes,
Love that begins when one enters this world with cries.
Love that is blessed with the kiss of mother,
Love that blooms with the paternal touch of father.
Love that grows with the praise of near and dear ones,
Love that thrives in the glowing eyes of one.
Love that remembers the beatific smile of someone.
Love that feels the words in the breathing warmth of one,
Love that makes the soft corner think of only one,
Love that breaks with the decision of someone.
Love that feels the shadow of god,
Love that shows the way to heavenly abode.
Love that has only four letters, yet so important,
Love that makes life full of reward and entertainment.
Love that starts with the opening of eyes,
Love that never ends even after the closing of eyes.

(A Poem, is it??, written way back in early 2002 :smile: In fact I compiled this in 15 minutes flat, on top of the content provide by my friend Pritam Shrestha, now in British Gurkha. He wanted to submit a poem on ‘Theme Love’ in a poetry competition.)

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