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‘Long Live Our beloved King’

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The Royal Palace is decorated with national flags and the Royalists in Daura Suruwal are waiting their turn to enter inside the Palace main gate to offer garlands to the King Gyanendra
This is not what I say but it is what I saw and heard. As King’s statement on the occasion of National Democracy Day embarks criticism, other similar …

………scene I happened to witness. As I moved from National democracy day Function at Sainik Manch Tundikhel, I saw a crowd gathered otuside the Royal Palace. I thought, it most be a crowd led by the Maoists or other Parties to shout slogans against King’s statement. Interestingly but astoundingly, it was the crowd of the Royalists gathered to offer Flower to the King on the occasion of democracy day, for the Shah dynasty’s contribution on ‘safeguarding democracy’. It is upto our viewers to judge Shah Dynasty’s contribution on ‘safeguarding democracy’. I posted here what my Camere Lens caught.

Ozomatli n others 117.jpg
And this picture is from the government’s National Democracy Day function at Tundikhel.

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