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Kapil Raj Pandey


Life in my view

Just like the waves in the ocean
Rising high to touch the sky
Just like impulses in the brain
Impact for seconds and ready to die

Just like name written on shore
Fighting to exist cheap to vanish
Just like old face in new mirror
No glow how much u tarnish

Just like prisoner of own mind
No restriction but searching for freedom
Just like king of own thoughts
Respected in dreams but no kingdom

Just like endless walk in desert
Escorted by colorful illusions

4 thoughts on “Life in my view

  1. Yestai ho, how can you protray a person by his poems? Were laxmi Devkota, Shiromani Lekhnath all were able to produce good poems by being lazy? Kapil Pandey may be another such lazy who tries writing poems in Nepali language next time as Being a Nepali he may not rule english poems.

  2. Those, who not know how to express comprehensively, write ambiguous lines and call themselves poets. I think lazy people write poems. Please spend time and write in paragrpahs.

    Yestai Ho

  3. hey Basho, you are a bozo. Negative commentators like you who even can’t complete a sentence will never succeed in life. If you have courage, please write a paragrpah to support your argument. Do not write a sentence like an idiot do and pass judgement on somebody else’s work. Go get life.

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