Lets Face It

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Let's Face It

479. Let’s Face It
Photo By: Ashish Bhujel
Posted Date: 1st November, 2010

Photo Description:

“Let’s face it, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.”
- Maria Morgan

I guess in every human beings they have desire to be free like a bird, but at times we are confined and stuck for same state for long time.
This shot was clicked when I was exploring height of ‘Chorbar’, where I arrive at Adinath Lokeshwar Mandir.

It is believed that the temple was Dedicated to NYUNG NE.

I never thought I would able to shoot this close by 18-105mm lens.

Camera specification: NIKON D90
Shutter speed:1/60 sec
Aperture: F/5.6
FL:105 mm
ISO: 200

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Blog Comments

  1. bohemianGrunge

    d caption should have been “Pigeon wid d killer looks” hehehe
    another nice capture man!
    and about what shutterbug said about correcting exposures……that works well for quick fix. but for better results u can try using the white, gray and black color pickers on the histogram window to set these according to ur photo and then adjust the levels! the previous way assumes the absolute white n black as the control parameters but this way u can set the parameters according to the photo thus giving better results!

    la have fun clicking!

  2. AshishB

    @ Abhishek: thanx for commenting first again :D
    @ Pigeon Lover: the expression “some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue” can be interpreted any way you like .I believe interpretation depends on you !!! and thanx for comment.
    @ Lets Face It: thanx
    @ Shutterbug: I am grateful for showing how to correct underexposed photos and I have learn that never to trust your LCD , it always fools you. And for Description and caption I will try to make simpler in future days.
    xsrave@: bro I am happy that you spotted this picture and always be looking for guidance in future
    @Suku bor :thanx for comment …. aur bataiye ..!!

  3. xsrave

    Ashish good job, keep clicking and exploring more, the first thing that i noticed in this pic is sharp eyes. Zoom it and u’ll get it. As in the Shutterbug’s blog, about exposure correction, ya i totally agree and support his effort here. We often ignore the Histogram after taking shots. The camera’s display is not trustworthy, and many times pic that looked ok in camera won’t look that good when viewed from bigger screens.


  4. Shutterbug

    And yes..one more thing, photo caption and description doesn’t chime well with the photo. Simple photo caption and description does help to increase viewership of any photo.

  5. Shutterbug

    Well composed picture however it is underexposed. Use of histogram could be the best option to correct it. I have done this and re-posted in my blog. Click here to see the difference.

    Subject is placed well according to ‘Rule of thirds’ and sharp focus on the ‘subject’ and accurate f stop made this photo all success. Colorful hackle of pigeon got juxtapose beautifully with the background.

  6. Pigeon Lover

    nicely captured Ashish Bhujel. Looks like a selective color with the colorful Bird and the Statue washed out and looks Black and White.

    So, what you mean to express; “some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue” is it like – the moment before capture it was a Pigeon and now when its captured as an image in your camera sensor, it has turned into some non-living, non-flying object. A Statue in fact. Is it what you want to present?

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