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Lamp Boy at Bauddha

343. Lamp Boy at Bauddha
Photo By: DreamSky
Post Date: 26th March, 2009

Description: He is a prayer lamp seller at Bauddha Stupa. Wearing his cute smile, he was asking everyone around to buy his lamps. He was free, frank and a no-more-stranger boy, completely different form the ‘cute stranger’ of his age that I met on the way to Chisapani. Is this difference just because of exposure to dissimilar societies or there is something else more?

3 thoughts on “Lamp Boy at Bauddha

  1. DreamSky ! You have captured a ‘Fruitful moment’ well. Nice shot I must say and the choice of viewpoint is thoughtful which made the ‘subject’ more prominent. The smile on boy’s face is very pulling and viewers can instantly feel the innocence he has.

    Question at the end of description is philosophical as you always are. It raises some true virtue of human being and I wish I can answer it for you. Keep searching. 🙂

  2. Marvelous!! To see them laughing with glee, warms the heart in you and me!! Isn’t it?? And yes it must be the divide in the society, which is reflected in this picture (free-frank nature) in comparison to “The Cute Stranger” which is in contrary.

    When You Capture A Child’s Smile (by Michelle R Kidwell)

    When you capture a child’s smile

    I believe you are capturing a bit

    Of the joy of life

    The innocence

    In laughing eyes!

    When you capture a child’s smile

    Genuine and real

    Not some made up hollywood version

    Of childhood

    You remember the love

    God had for the children

    And you cry the tears

    For all those who experienced

    Childhood lost.

    When you capture a child’s smile

    You are capturing

    Genuine joy.

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