Kathmandu to Lumbini to Kathamandu Day 2

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33 Lumbini welcomes us for the next morning

34 Supply station

35 Don’t need a tank, hands are enough

35 Mr Rai(The Information Officer)

36 Togetherness

37 Hari sharing his experience with us

38 Nerveless

39 Dignified-Srilankan Buddhist

40 Thai pilgrims in front of Ashok Stambha

41 Ready for Rai’s journey

42 The Eternal Flame(future boating canal in the background)

43 Korean temple(under construction)

44 Chinese Temple

45 He spoke his duty before becoming a common mortal

46 Cause and Effect

47 This made Siddhartha leave his palace(After seeing the worldly suffering)

48 Offerring Jal – the ancient way

49 …and the modern way

50 Wheel of Life

51 Siddhartha forgot to take this Laternwith him

52 And he taught the Thai to build the temple this way

53 Friednship – Beyond Borders

54 The Eternal Path

55 Burmese Temple

56 Ram in Bhante’s temple

57 Natural Fireworks

58 Bodhi tree brought from Srilanka

59 Bloom!!

60 Please read and think

61 A small note on Lumbini

62 The big masterplan

63 A bit of Buddhist teaching

64 You will all stop bloom if you let flowers go to seed

65 Looking for young buddha

66 Flowers in my hair

67 Burmese pilgrims

68 Nepali kalakar

69 Nepalese Pilgrims

70 Brothers – lost in the past

71 Bhante

72 Bhante – known one

73 You are as you think

74 From the backyard

75 I’d like to go back to the monasteryonce again

76 Eternal Berranda

77 Pagoda – hope you remember this

78 Shutter-de-bug

79 D-monks ‘n nuns

80 Little Buddhas

81 The Evening sun

82 Thinking of night

83 Mayadevi – Time to rest

84 It all begun from here

85 Marker Stone – The Exact birthplace of Buddha

86 A moment of peace

87 Another beautiful view

88 Learning the Buddhist Rap

89 In the name of Putali Baba

90 Which Baba would I be

91 Sangharsha, the day was great

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  1. bishwa

    besides all the fun and the knowledge about buddhism and lumbini, the think that inspired me most was the idea that Buddha was a rebel, denying the laws set by consevative society at that time and re-defining happiness and peace.

    Then i got to learn to ride a rickshaw – thanks to keshab dai :razz:
    … and i lived some moments that will be cherised forever.

    Thanks to all.. it was a great trip indeed!

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