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Dovan Rai


Kantipur news poll result : really bothered me

19 Jan , Kantipur news Poll question :

महिलामाथि हुने यौन दुर्ब्यबहारको मुख्य दोषि को ?
क. कानुनको अभाव
ख. अभद्र पुरुष
ग. महिला आफै
‘what a ridiculous option !’ I thought after I heard the third option ..

Oh! But the results

क. कानुनको अभाव – 20%
ख. अभद्र पुरुष -20%
ग. महिला आफै -60%

In Nepal, most news viewers are male (most women are too busy to finish their chores so that they can catch up the hindi soaps)

Among the total viewers too , most voters are male .( most …

……women are unemployed, do not have mobile sets, and are (made) too passive to make their participation)

So, the vote results represent the average mentality of middle and upper class so called educated aware males.

Questions raised over my head :

a. the vote result is insignificant as any prankster can vote

b. people really believe that women are themselves responsible for the sexual harassment
(uttauli gai baghle khai … )

c. men are guilty of their acts of sexual harassment and try to shift the blame on the victims. Women too have guilt over their own sexuality and are very hostile towards female sexuality.

(what wrong have I done assaulting the girl as she has dressed so provocatively)

(what wrong the poachers have done by killing the rhino as they carry so provocatively precious horns?)