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IT companies in Nepal, D2 stands out from the group

If we remember when we started our career, we could only think of Mercantile, Wlink, WDN and NTC to apply for a job. Now there are more that 100 IT Professional Services company in Nepal. Some are running with few people while few have crossed the 100 mark.

If we take the right steps now is the time for Nepal to really boom in IT, as our rate is still comparatively lower than any other country in the Asia Pacific region. People love Nepal for its natural beauty and if the world come to know we are an IT expert country like India, anybody would love to outsource to Nepal. We need to make the world realize this fact. And Companies like D2 has proved to the world time and again.

Below is an interesting info showing the top 20 IT companies in Nepal. Without question D2 still stands out as no. 1. The total engineers employed by these 20 companies stands at around 1250

# Name URL Start Year # of Employees
1 D2HawkeyeServices Pvt. Ltd. 2003 260
2 LinkTree Pvt. Ltd. 2006 200
3 HWB Nepal Private Limited, Nepal 2006 100
4 Javra Software Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 2005 80
5 Nepasoft 1994 80
6 Arhant Solutions 2006/07 55
7 Professional Computer  System Pvt. Ltd. 1988 50
8 ServingMinds 50
9 UBA-Solutions 2006 50
10 Yomari Pvt. Ltd. 1997 50
11 Worldlink Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 40
12 IT@Himalaya Pvt. Ltd 2001 30
13 Websearch 2005 30
14 Hitech Solution & Services Pvt. Ltd. 2003 27
15 Deerwalk Pvt. Ltd. 2009 25
16 Pioneer Solutions Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 2009 25
17 F1Soft International Pvt. Limited 2004 22
18 Elvsys 2006/07 20
19 MountDigit 2001 18
20 Doodle Creation Pvt. Ltd 2007 15

25 thoughts on “IT companies in Nepal, D2 stands out from the group

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  3. This is a shit article written by some shit head. DoodleCreation re? WTF?, MountDigit re? hahaha … you must be kidding? Arhant Solutions re? aba chai atti bhayo
    Where is Digital, IT Outsourcing Asia, Young Minds?
    Before you rank someone, you should atleast research market. Kasta kasta waiyat blog lekhne manche ni hunchan LOL

  4. Saurav, thanks, so true, companies like mercantile has more than 1000 people, that cant make it no. so with d2 or currently verisk. The writer is biased towards d2 or verisk. Its wrong data to fool people. yes linktree and deerwalk progressed much faster than d2 or verisk 10 years old.

  5. It is funny how you concluded that a particular company ( D2 in this case ) stands out from the group just on the basis of number of employees. Your concclusions are flawed.
    Even by looking at list that you presented, it appears that LinkTree which opened 3 years after D2, already has about 200 employees whichi is comparable to D2’s 260. It appears LinkTree has a faster growth than D2 and will overtake in few years.

    I think don’t a list of companies with # of employees gives any insight into the company’s standing.

  6. Vote ur favorite school in deerwalk causes, becuase this list is invalid Deerwalk no. 1

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