Into nothingness

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433. Into nothingness
Photo by: Jiten
Posted Date: 23th March 2010
Location: Patan Darbar Square, Patan

Description :
This woman I met yesterday morning (22nd March 2010) at Patan Darbar Square, who is resting in the course of a walk undertaken on an apparent errand and taking time off to draw on a cigarette too. Looked into it from the perspective of the slogan of building a “New Nepal” — a catch phrase now — there does not seem to be anything that interests her.

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  1. Shutterbug

    Sangharsha! thank you for the compliment. The expression on her face was distinctive and it excited me to photograph her candidly. But I intentionally let her felt my presence by taking random shots being near her and after few moments I took this candid shot.

  2. sangharsha

    This is a candidly taken cool shot Jiten. (Did she later know she was photographed at?)
    I specially loved the frame created by the stone sculpture.
    I wonder what was she thinking and what would be the pre and post day for her.

    Keep shooting.

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