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International Music Day in Kathmandu

As the world leaders were preparing to meet at Red Sea City of Jeddah to discuss on the soaring prices of fuel, last Saturday had something else in store for the folks in Kathmandu. There were many programs being organized all over Kathmandu to celebrate the International Music Day.

One of them at Durbarmag, organized by Alliance Francaise, named Fete De La Musique, had many artists, local and foreigners, performing in various lingos. Amidst the hot mid day sun, with penetrating heat on the forehead, the spectators were having a helluva time, enjoying genres ranging from rock to fusion to blues. It was certainly a gala day for all the music lovers in Kathmandu.

[I did these pictures with my Samsung SGH F300 cell phone.]

5 thoughts on “International Music Day in Kathmandu

  1. yeah…the evening was really a wonderful experience for me….COBWEB just rocked the concert…….I’m searching myself among the crowd in the pics….but to no avail.. 🙁

  2. Yeah, it was an awesome atmosphere.. no matter how short, moment spent there was a memory to cherish and linger forever. And yeah Asmita, Antim Grahan Rocks though I happened to miss u there.
    Cheers to music!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Samsung SGH F300 cell phone…umm 😕
    “The Internaional music day” ; everibodie was expecting “rain” but was no drop of it..thnx t’ music for this.. :mrgreen: Keep on worshiping music.

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