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Mr Sensible


Inflammable Tears

It was late, very late, chilling too. I was awake till 4 AM to finish a review report regarding a business deal. Thanks to the power cut schedule, for this abnormal nocturnal routine. I was about to sleep, yawning, I opened the window for some fresh air. Far across the countryside, I saw a small window open, with a silhouette of an old man in his mid 60’s I guess. My intuition was advocating that he has dampness in his eyes, which must be sponsoring the sadness within him.

This was the same old man who had 2 sons and a daughter. Both the sons were abroad for the last 30 years, and never ever visited home thereafter. They though used to send some amount every 2 years to the lonely father. Everyone knew about the money, as the old man always hurried towards the bank for denominations of 1$ each, when he received the money from his sons. The only daughter, who is now a widow with 3 children is busy upbringing them, though she comes to see her father very often. His dear wife was only the one who was with him, as she regularly visited him, in his dreams.

I was about to retreat to bed, I saw a flame in the old mans window. The intensity of the flame increased, and I heard a faint sound of pain coming across the flames. I tried reaching the hut of the old man with paved stone roof in the countryside but could not manage. I was trapped inside the elevator of my apartment. Thanks to the power cut schedule again.

I read the news over the Internet, “An Old Man in his mid-60’s burnt himself alive. Half burnt denominations of 1$ were found in abundance…..”. I never read the whole story. But why he flamed himself is what I still ponder. I think of the old man whenever I move around in my Mercedes, Whenever I am having a tea break during my business meetings, Whenever I am not asleep (why???), but could not find an answer.

A roundabout fact I conclude is that “Dollars can burn someone alive, but can’t wipe the tears!!”.
Whatever be the reason, It Hurts!!

(Open to interpretations)