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I have a dream

“I have a dream”, this is not my line but a famous saying of Martin King Luther Jr. who dreamt of equalizing the rights of African American in mid nineteen hundreds. I have a dream too and my dream is to make our country, Nepal a heaven. The definition of my heaven is a bit different though. Heaven to me is just a perspective and let me share my perspective of Nepal. Since we are all shouldering the era of transforming our country into new era let me call that heavenly Nepal a “Naya Nepal”

Ok! what do I dream of, I dream of Nepal with no load shedding. I grew up on an era when I had to look up the meaning of word “Load Shedding” in dictionary when it started in early 90s. Mind you, there was no wikipidia those days and I had to pay the cyber guy a hefty price per words to receive the emails that my father wrote from Netherland. Needless to say that our privacy was highly protected as he read all our emails just to count the words and not really see any thing on that email.

I dream of Nepal with no “Curfew Hours” and this was yet another word that got added into my vocabulary around mid 80s. Now for at least last fifteen years or so I have dreamt of a days without Chakka Jams or Nepal Bandha. And even so recently I am dreaming everyday about a Kathmandu valley where there wouldn’t be ever lasting queue for Petrol and people could would not have to fight in the line of Kerosene. Then I dream about a New Nepal where stinking garbage would just disappear from the face of earth as if they were never there.

I dream of Nepal as a giant energy hub of the South Asia that has grown up to be the mere-source of clean hydropower energy which has contributed to be the most promising Carbon foot print reducer, a green house gas controller and Global Warming calmer. I dream Nepal of being a major exporter of the Drinking water supply. After abandoned free water supply for our country, I dream of Nepal’s water being mineralized, bottled and shipped to all of the Middle East countries.

I dream Nepal of being the safest place for tourist where they can move freely without fear for their lives and visiting both the lord Buddha’s birth place and Mount Everest. I dream of Nepal where no one in this world is allowed to be confused or misinformed that Mount Everest is in China and Buddha was born in India

Lastly I dream of Nepal where we have an uncorrupt politician who would strive harder to make these dreams of mine and other twenty some million Nepali true. Among all my dreams the biggest one is to wake up one day and find out the last decade of my time has not been wasted in petty fights and bloodbath of thousands of Nepalese and I can go and walk freely in any part of my country without being scared of getting strangled into any kind of insurgency or cross fire. And I dream of Nepal that would not have lost its course of direction for another decade.

What do you all say? If you share the same dreams then lets work towards it and let’s not wake up after a decade and again dream to make our dreams come true!!!

I have a dream!! and I blog at http://blog.nayanepalnews.com/ to make my dreams heard by million of people across the universe.