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Anup Sharma



Something hit me, I couldn’t breathe
My heart stopped beating, I couldn’t feel
Last thing I heard was “are you ok there”
After that nothing was clear

Mum…. I am not breathing
My heart has stopped beating
I think I am dying mum….
Mum I think am going numb

The sirens and horns are pinching me
I smell my blood although I can’t see
I wish I could spend the final moments in your lap
Before I leave you for the eternal nap

I am sorry to leave you so early
It wasn’t my fault and I have to pay so …

Your prayers will pave my way to heaven
Thanks for all the love and support you’ve given

As I lay here waiting to die
I beg you to listen to my cry
Please don’t ever drink and drive
For a momentary bliss don’t take others life