Posted by: Anup Sharma

Something hit me, I couldn’t breathe
My heart stopped beating, I couldn’t feel
Last thing I heard was “are you ok there”
After that nothing was clear

Mum…. I am not breathing
My heart has stopped beating
I think I am dying mum….
Mum I think am going numb

The sirens and horns are pinching me
I smell my blood although I can’t see
I wish I could spend the final moments in your lap
Before I leave you for the eternal nap

I am sorry to leave you so early
It wasn’t my fault and I have to pay so …

Your prayers will pave my way to heaven
Thanks for all the love and support you’ve given

As I lay here waiting to die
I beg you to listen to my cry
Please don’t ever drink and drive
For a momentary bliss don’t take others life

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  1. youwillneverbreatheifyouD&D

    It is foolishness, stupidity representation to portray Drinking and Driving lesson to general public in this way. Childrens always read Drinking Driving lesson. They grow and do the thing as taught in moral science. Most of the people who get killed in world are due to D&D. thanks for writing class nursery rhyme for Bloggers.

  2. geeta

    I am an American (my real name is Stephenie).I love the name “geeta” following an opportunity to listen Krsna/Arjun debate in a drama. I do not know you. But I know Rudra and he mentioned about Help Nepal Network, you and Mr. Gangol.

  3. mabi

    I do not think it is pessimistic.

    He is trying to deliver a message of “don’t drink and drive”. To change the habits of people (which is difficult to do), once a while you have to use scary tactics.

    And its a poetry and exaggeration is normal.

    geeta: Do I know you ?

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