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I Am Linesman !!


396. I Am Linesman !!
Photo By: Basu Dahal
Posted Date: 19th August 2009

We (team of 13) met her in a beautiful morning during our 2 day hiking trip to Ghalegaun (Lamjung), a Gurung village with hospitable and culturally rich Ghale ( Gurung) People. Just a day before, there was a football match (final) among the local clubs. We just missed the play but lucky enough to meet linesman .

2 thoughts on “I Am Linesman !!

  1. Nic Pic and well written description, Basu. But the angle seems bit awkward to me.Seems like the shot has been taken in hurry.

  2. Basu Dahal! Well presentation of a nice picture and catchy description. My thumbs up. Ghalegaun is on the list of places that I would love to visit one day to do photo documentary of its rich culture and beauty.

    Little wider perspective could have helped this picture to make more visual impact because it allows us to see girl’s hand which is holding the red flags.

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