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How the company views its employees. (HE VS SHE)

1. The family picture is on HIS desk.                                                        
    Ah, a solid, responsible family man.

    The family picture is on HER desk.
    Umm, her family will come before her career.

2. HIS desk is cluttered.
    He’s obviously a hard worker and a busy man.

    HER desk is cluttered.
    She’s obviously a disorganised scatterbrain

3. HE is talking with his co-workers.
    He must be discussing the latest deal

    SHE is talking with her co-workers.
    She must be gossiping.

4. HE’s not at his desk.
    He must be at a meeting.

    SHE’s not at her desk.
    She must be in the ladies’ room.

5. HE’s not in the office.
    He’s meeting with customers.

    SHE’s not in the office.
    She must be out shopping.

6. HE’s having lunch with the boss.
    He’s on his way up.

    SHE’s having lunch with the boss.
    They must be having an affair.

7. The boss criticised HIM.
    He’ll prove his performance.

    The boss criticized HER.
    She’ll be very upset.

8. HE got an unfair deal.
    Did he get angry?

    SHE got an unfair deal.
    Did she cry?

9. HE’s getting married.
    He’ll get more settled.

    SHE’s getting married.
    She’ll get pregnant and leave.

10. HE’s having a baby.
      He’ll need a raise.

     SHE’s having a baby.
     She’ll cost the company money in maternity benefits.

11. HE’s going on a business trip.
      It’s good for his career.

      SHE’s going on a business trip.
      What does her husband say? 

12. HE’s leaving for a better job.
     He knows how to recognise a good opportunity.

10 thoughts on “How the company views its employees. (HE VS SHE)

  1. @thegreenyogi,

    These are not facts. They are—by definition—opinions. The whole point of the post is that men’s and women’s actions are interpreted differently.

  2. Mr.Sensible,

    Common dude. its just a fact. nothing more nothing less.
    Its what happening around the world.

    Ha Ha Ha. was good fun. samir bro! TRUE FACTS.

  3. This is not a reality these days, and if this was meant to be a HUMOUR, then I feel pity for the state of mind (THOUGHTS) of the one who compiled/copied this.

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