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Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki

Title 2014 Feb – Deerwalk Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki
Route Driving (Kathmandu>> Godavari), Hiking (Godavari>> Phulchowki>> Godavari), Driving (Godavari>> Kathmandu)
Date February 23, 2014
Hike Duration 7 hrs
Coordinator Jeevan Timilsina
Participants Abhinav Regmi, Jeevan Timilsina, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Narayan Kandel, Neeraj Sharma, Prakash Sapkota, Rajesh Sangat, Sachin Kushwaha, Sagar Bhandari,Sulekha Bhandari, Sumira Shrestha, Surya Bahadur Bista.
Report By Narayan Kandel, Rajesh Sangat
Photos By Kanchan Raj Pandey, Sagar Bhandari
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Rajesh SangatRajesh Sangat

The time has come for me to hang up my keyboard and step away.

I was very excited about my first hike from Deerwalk. We were 14 hikers in total going from Godavari to Phulchowki.

I woke up early in the morning and reached the office premises at 7 am. Our bus left the office at 7:30 am and we picked up some of the team mate from Sinamangal, Koteshwor and Satdobato. After more than an hour bus travel we reached Godavari. We have had some breakfast in one of the hotels in Godavari. At 9 am, we started to walk from Godavari. We enjoyed every step of the hike while capturing precious and attractive photos. We continued our journey through the hills. After the 2 hours walk, we found little snow that was left behind due to heavy snow fall few weeks before. We walked through some short cuts to reach our destination. It was very adventurous, we fully enjoyed our trip. Around 2 pm we reached the NTV tower which was our final destination. There was the Army camp beside the tower. The scenario was totally romantic, we enjoyed a lot. There we took some pictures of the scenery. We all captured memorable view from the top of the Phulchowki hill, and near the tower we found the temple of Goddess Sarawoti. Some of our team mates donated the money for maintenance of the temple.

Finally, we left after 30 minutes of photo session and rest. We reached the bus park around 4:30 pm. After the long hike we all were tired and suffering from hunger too. Finally we had some food and were back on our way home. I had a great time with my colleagues and got opportunity to learn about them. At last I want to thank my hiking team for the golden memories which I shall cherish for a long time to come.

Narayan KandelNarayan Kandel

Hiking from Godawari to Phulchowki was one of the best hikes for me personally. The view from the top of the Phulchowki was great. The adventure started when we followed short-cut route instead of the main road. We literally had to crawl through some of the places in the jungle. At one stage, we were lost on the way to our destination. A lot of credit goes to Dipak who helped us to find the correct route. It was an amazing hike with the QA team, especially when people like Kanchan, Jeevan, Sagar and Sachin are in a group with you. Lastly I would like to thank all the team members for making this a memorable trip. The best memories of this hiking will always be with me, especially with Kanchan’s mind-blowing snapshots there to remind me of the times we had together.

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