Happy Mother’s day 2066 !!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

My Mom (Aama) Mrs. Hari Priya Pradhananga

To Whom it concerns,This poem is for my mother,

I love her like no other,
Forgiven me for the things i did,
When I was just a kid,
guided me on this journey of life,
Corrected me when I was wrong not right,
She took my pain as i felt,
Held me when I needed help,
Remember her tears as she cried,

That cold night I almost died,
I knew she loved me,
To her I was never ugly,
Gave me strength to be me,
Inspiration to succeed,
God gave me an angel to love,
Sent from the above,
Raised us five brothers,
Taught us to love each others,
For her the best I do pray,
She has a Happy Mother’s day 2066 !!!

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