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Got to drink today


–        Sanat Acharya


Today I worked a lot

I saw the sun at both ends of horizon

Sore are joints, brains cannot plot

My feet feel like carrying a ton

There is a bottle shop on my way

To erase this tiredness, I got to drink today


Today I performed great in school

I achieved all round excellence

I am exited! I got to keep it cool

I fear if my thoughts go nonsense

Yes! There is a bottle shop on my way

To calm down myself, I got to drink today


Today I did nothing mentionable

I met no one, did no job, wrote nothing

This loss of time is absolutely irritable

I am upset and can’t concentrate on a thing

Good! There is a bottle shop on my way

To regain my concentration, I got to drink today


Today I have no complaint, I did okay

Neither I did awesome, nor was I bad

But I am confused what should I say

When subconscious ask- Happy or sad

Thanks! There is a bottle shop on my way

To solve this confusion, I got to drink today

19 thoughts on “Got to drink today

  1. Beiman, 4yr sangai padhera pani afno talent show nagarne!!!

    Anyway, poem was great and love to read more from you. Keep posting.

  2. cheersss Santay….To solve the confusion, I also got to drink today………heheheheheh
    I have known u from the past seven yrs…but i knew as a good fren,a good student,a good
    cricketer,a good footballer,and most of all a good human being…but today i am get shocked by
    reading this poem….u r also a very good poet hummmmmmmmmm

  3. WOW! sir i didn’t know u were so intellectual and a drunkard?????? Anyways i was already a fan of yours now…………….. even more fan of urs. keep it up and hey CHEERS !!!!!!

  4. nay!!
    i don’t hink u understand what he means to say
    if you wanna be happy, be happy today
    if you got a heart so heavy – you better cry today
    but if you can’t do this, i guess
    yo got a heart made of clay!

    *hic* 😉

  5. Welll i am not sure if this is exactly a poem or just day by day passing by kind of a thing.. but i guess its just out of nowhere kind of a writing. Not very constructive and there is no flow … so need to improve a lot my fren…

  6. Hei..
    I didn’t knew u were so poetic and from when did you started writing coz before i have never heard any such things from you…but anyway it was good and keep on writing something every now and then… 🙂

  7. Bro ~
    Ramro cha ra mileko cha….lekhna sakchau bhane thaha thiyena
    we want more from you….
    khana ko lagi kina bhahana chahiyo ra!
    i didn’t get to drink today
    so i drink today!

  8. cheers my friend,
    i’m on my way
    got lots of things to say
    i’ll grab a bottle on the way
    yeah, i too got to drink today

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