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when the memories of the long gone
return, to break you down
and the expectations of the loved ones
open up the wounds profound
when you cry,
unable to stop the tears
you intend to hide,
remember me by your side
watching the drops form
at the corner of your eyes…
crying myself within
unable to bring the tears
i intend to hide
as they they flow through your eyes
and i pick them up
upon a fingertip
and whisper a thankful goodbye.
for they carry the pain
that’s burning you inside!

7 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. @xotg : 🙂 i can see that you have no problems with your “rhyming” now… great lines bro

    and minus the rage huh? … i think it looks good for now 🙂

    keep writing 🙂

  2. Nice poem man…typical awsiv material (minus the rage 😆 )

    It’s easy to smile, and hide your tears
    It’s easy to laugh, and hide those fears
    And when the day is all and done
    It’s just a simple goodbye, for all that is gone

  3. @ Two Drops of Tear: Thanks for the wonderful lines you put in here… they express deep feelings… i feel good that what i wrote helped you write them

    thanks again.

    cheers!! 🙂

  4. I like u poem..
    reading ur poem compelled me to write something ..

    Two drops of tear

    Two drops of tear
    Are sufficient
    To describe how it pains
    How your departure aches
    My heart.

    Two drops of tear
    Are sufficient
    To show my failure
    To show my love
    To you.

    Two drops of tear
    Are sufficient
    To describe you
    My all situation now
    My all feelings
    Towards you.

    Two drops of tear
    Aren’t sufficient
    To wash my
    All pains, all sorrows
    That I’m facing now and
    Maybe forever.

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