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Godavari, extravaganza of thousands of birds and plants is best known for the green fingers of its inhabitants. Ten kilometers away from Kathmandu, Godavari is one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal for its rich wildlife and splendid environment. The heavy woodland and the slopes there are adventurous and challenging for a hiker.

Godavari Botanical Garden, at the bottom of Pulchoki Mountain attracts many local residents and visitors over the weekends. The garden is an spectacle of trees, orchids, ferns, flowers and plants. Godavari is also home to many rare butterflies, several flowing streams, and one-third of all the bird species in Nepal. Besides the Royal garden, Godavari kunda- a sacred spring marked by a neat line of shaivite shrines, Godavari Kunda Community forest, Shanti Ban Buddha, Naudhara Kunda are other sights that makes it a peaceful place full of refreshment and excitement where one should visit.

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Coordinates27.59°N 85.39°E

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Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking from Lamatar to Godavari15/02/2015
Hiking from Godamchour to Godavari via Bishankhu Narayan02/06/2013
Hiking from Lamatar to Godavari via Lakuri Bhanjyang11/05/2013
Hiking from Lamatar to Godavari05/12/2009
Hiking from Lubhu to Godavari via Lakuribhanjyang and Chapakharka06/09/2009
Hiking from Lele to Godavari01/02/2009
Hiking from Lele to Godavari via Lamidanda11/03/2007
Hiking from Panauti to Godavari via Naya Gaon and Phulchowki17/09/2006
Hiking from Lubhu to Godavari25/09/2005
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