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Posted by: Lava Kafle

We, the organizers have not only donated our hard earned cash in different outlets at different times, but also thought to bind diverse team members who have contributed in our teams directly or indirectly via Partying which is the strongest phenomenon these days. Please refer to http://ingeniousinterplay.com/


We would like to invite you to a cocktail party at the Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant & Bar at Thapathali, Kathmandu from 6:30pm onwards on Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

Please find the direction to the restaurant attached with this email.

On behalf of Bhaskar Bhattarai, Bimal Koirala, Kundan Khanal, Lava Kafle, Raj B Thakuri, Sharad Pokharel and Subodh Gurung

Yours Truly,

This email composed by Vishnu Kshettri was sent to whole set of teams that were during part of corporate life involved directly/indirectly in some of the projects.

Extremely sorry to say, for many of friends and team members we got :

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Wednesday to live for!
Sent: 6/10/2008 8:28 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached

and we feel sorry for typing wrong email address and for not being to call unofficially or verbally. We were negligent there. We will improve next time so nobody from organization misses such parties.

Anyway, it was a big fun with many new games played. Many Proposals and rejection offers were heard. Many were crying to release the pain and many more were laughing to release the excitement of the party. As soon as Thakur Gyawali entered the party scene, it started getting hotter. Other missing teams started jumping in who had to finish their jobs before joining the party. There was a huge hullabaloo. All started peeking in to see what happened inside the circle.Raj Thakuri won the game and got chance to propose to a Princess by becoming a Knight. Hitesh Karki became the Knight and proposed to another Princess by kneeling before her. We were mesmerized by this new play seen first time in the history of get-together and parties. It continued as the night slipped by and the moon started to shower its charismatic spell on party-makers.

It was a great opportunity to bind diverse teams into one place at one time and to recognize many faces previously unknown.

Many did not make to Party even though they received invitations.

Vishnu and Prashanta Shrestha had booked the place on Tuesday to make plenty of time and room for us.

The Chinese Cuisines were superb lest we are not used to the food quality of Chinese daily. The International Standard place, beautiful garden, and the rooftop with all are seen below in photographs that are not Edited at all.

Please right click photo, Save and put a comment on which photo you liked or disliked based on the photo number. If some volunteer is available, please put nice caption alongside.

It was a lucky day for Nepalese as the former King Gyanendra at last left his big Narayanhiti Palace making room for federal republic. The pictures below show eve of the moment when there will not be another such sunset, and the Statute of the First Shah Ruler of Kathmandu will never again witness his inheritors staying in Narayanhiti palace. “Narayan” is Hindu God’s name and “hiti” means water spout.

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  1. ApartyInvitee

    I was a party invitee who attended the party. The photos are not posted to show like some million dollar photography which would bring in all money for the shots captured but for ametuerism. Professionals can include their expertise though. Who Knows? they might earn a lot from this site dedicated mostly to amateurs.

  2. DimakhKharabFan

    I am dimakhKharb’s Fan. I am mad like him. jealousy overrides me and passion is great. I hate other ppl enjoying in parties as I was not invited. I tried to contact my friend dimakhkharab by IP address but failed as he is a hacker who impersonates other IP addresess and he is good at spoofing Ip addresses.thanks I want to learn that abit friend. I am at your feet.

  3. Lava Kafle Post author

    I agree not at all what party boy says, but some portion must be understood. The post is here not for making somebody ill. If somebody becomes terrorist by western world manifestations, we are not responsible. We cannot force somebody to do or not to do anything. Its their will like dimakhKharab. All is welcome. I heartily accept DimakhKharab’s decision.

  4. partyboy

    DimakhKharab,Anti and Lava. I like this party photos and all Nonesense caption and putting a little bit of photograph only could not be partyiciaptory effort for all. Its all together party so most of the invitees must be seen, else, it will be like old Nepal, King’s Nepal where on;ly affluents can have parties like his son Paras. Now every commoner with hard labor can go to places where his son was lavishing in Nepalese MONEY and TAX. the dimakhlkharab must be King’s man, so jealous. cannot do himself/herself, but angry on others honestness in showing all.

  5. AntiDimakhKharab

    DimakhKharab, Is lava kafle your slave? you look false. I could not add you into yahoo with ur email address. If you darn have guts come out with full name address in email world or the blogging world. post your URL and comment. I agree with lava. Are you mad? If so who cares. You responsible for urself. Else no blogging and commenting abruptly. Scold him as much as you can. I wil be your fan.

  6. Lava Kafle Post author

    DimagKharab, if whole world gets dimakhKgarbh that is Bad Indecent and Corrupted mind due to my Posting even then I would not stop. People can be corrupted, mindless and extremely whimshical like your name.. so worry about your mind and state..not more

  7. dimagKharab

    Mr. Lava Kafle, for your own sake, for our sake, and for the sake of all that is good and decent in this world, please stop posting!! Please stop posting!! I beg of you!! Please stop posting!!!

  8. Justin

    Thanks Lava.

    I will make a more formal announcement soon, but I have set up a D2 Flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/d2/ for photos by employees, alumni, and friends of D2H and D2HS. Please feel free to join and post.

    D2-related pictures are best but any are ok. Post your best pictures, if people want to see more they can click to your profile.

  9. Lava Kafle Post author

    Justin, It was a simple 7.2 MP 2.4 inch LCD ISO 1000 Sony model with Optical 3x f=5.8-17.4 mm 1:2.8:4.8 .
    As you guessed correctly, It was in Night mode with that Black Moon Curve as previously in normal and P mode it lost focus. It is a good lesson for me and other photographers too who sometimes took those or other shots.

  10. Lava Kafle Post author

    Tik Tik Tik and Guptachar. Look at the final photo and move a little bit upward. You will find some nice profile even at that final hour before the two sets of battery went down. So, it is not with liquid, but with technique that i or others lacked at that moment as the camera was automatically focusing and re-focusing like Justin said, problem with Setting.

  11. Nilesh Shrestha

    Well..seems like everyone really enjoyed!!! As for the pictures…I just don’t know why I am liking blur pictures in this case.. may be I would have seen the party exactly like, this had I been there. And I would have taken similar pictures..may be :smile: I missed this..and such events are fun..great!!

  12. Justin

    Sure, Dhilung. Here is a wedding I shot last week:

    I took over 100 photographs at this event but I only thought 16 were worth posting, and even then I am not satisfied with some of them. Whenever I shoot, I try to think of it as an educational and artistic experience, rather than just taking pictures. If I finish the day without learning something, it was not a successful day.

    We should organize a D2 group on Flickr. Maybe I’ll create one this weekend.

  13. Dhilung Kirat

    Not all pics are that bad… some of them are quite lively.
    Inclusion of worst pics spoiled the entire collection. Its hard for everyone to capture moving party crowd in such low light condition. Like Justin said,posting of selected 10 best photographs would have been far better.

    Justin’s constructive comment is really inspiring.

    Hey Justin, we’l be glad if you can share some of your photography works here in EU?

  14. Tik tik tik

    Yes, Guptachar is correct ! The pictures were bad because Lava was taken over by some mysterious liquid (sill in research) that had double or multiple special effect capability :grin:

  15. guptachar

    Justin, I don’t think the camera or the photography technique was the problem. It was totally something else — haina ta Lava ji???

  16. Justin

    Lava, what equipment did you use for these photos (brand, model, digital/film, etc)? It looks like you used “night mode”, where it first takes a long exposure to capture the background, then fires the flash at the end to get a sharp foreground. I have found this mode dubious at best, even on expensive cameras. If a flash is necessary in low light, I usually choose to capture either the foreground or the background, but it is generally difficult to do both without a “fast” lens.

    The critiquing commenters are some useful and some not. Juvenile trollspeech is better left for the children’s playground than an internet forum. Captions are also not necessary; great photos speak for themselves.

    Here is my critique:

    It was not necessary to post all of your photos. Instead, choose the 10 best photos and post just those. If you want to have a more complete set for reference, upload the whole set to another site like flickr and provide a link underneath your 10 best. Some spacing between the photos would be good too, as it was hard to tell where one ended and the next began. Stay away from night mode in general as you will often get blurry photos. However, if you want to focus on one or two subjects, appropriate focusing can ensure that the rest of the picture _is_ blurred to draw the eye to the subjects. If you’d like to learn more about photography, start reading online. There are tons of resources out there… start with http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/

  17. Tik tik tik

    Worst photos, all shakkkky….the photographer should be banned and kept in a room to listen the song – Tik tik tik

  18. Lava Kafle Post author

    Thanks Sangharsha for your constructive input . That is what we are in blog for. Wrong is wrong and right is right. We hear you people’s voices and become better other times when we will be using the Olympus camera from our friend Keshav.

  19. JhyapFan

    lastsmoke, actually what is Jhyap? Sangharsha what best photo did you post in EU? write in details. those were best posted by me.

  20. SangharshaLastSmokeFan

    true true sabaiko chakadi chaplusi gareko hunale these photos are worst and Jhyap had a camera, other non-jhyaps too had camera. But we must support non-jhyaps than jhyaps.

  21. Safal Jodi Haru tyo din ka

    Kapil n Pallavi
    Raju n Manisha
    Kundan n Cahru
    Siris n ShristiR
    Manisha n Hitesh
    RajB n BhaskarB
    Aashish n Leeja
    Santosh n aashish ( Pole Dance)
    uncensored guff by D2Adults.

    Missed Everything.

  22. AntiCaption

    He “Where is Caption” superb comments, admirable. The hellish lazy bull…. lava kafle wrote,”Please right click photo, Save and put a comment on which photo you liked or disliked based on the photo number. If some volunteer is available, please put nice caption alongside.

  23. Lava Kafle Post author

    Thanks Bakwass Fan for pointing out the mistake in photograph. We must accept and good or bad comments so other time it will be perfect from photographic point of view..

  24. Bakwaass Fan

    yeah it was totally bakwaas, not only photos but also food, we cant forget “ATTACK to get snacks”………and about pics, in one of the chinese gal’s pics…..photographer targets the back…shame

  25. Red Level FAN

    Red level dear, you missed that sorry, and I am like you. The alcohol level in body starts rising due to incomplete respiration when I see other people drinking. Darn Bhaskar Bhattarai, Bimal Koirala, Kundan Khanal, Lava Kafle, Raj B Thakuri, Sharad Pokharel and Subodh Gurung
    the whole fools’ team did not call me although I had been a close friend of them since last year. They inivited other beautifuls however who were better looking than me. See the smiling ladies pics.

  26. AntiBakwass

    I am not like damn f…e. lava who accepts scoldings, all kind of comments so happily. I hate that. Have you ever posted or seen a good photo here, have you ever commented in any of those?

  27. red level

    The effect of cocktail party is clearly seen in photos, even who had not drunk, are looking drunken. I missed :sad:

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