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Foolish Fathers

“What!!! what happened to you, why didnt you tell it to him” no more words in my mouth as I looked at the marriage reception card just handed to me by Urmila. ” Sorry Santosh, I was not made for you”. ” How could you do that”….” I cant go against my parents will, and they selected Ramesh to you”.

Ramesh ,that crap, had been my classmate in my school days. Actually he was 3 years senior to me at the beginning. I dont know whether he liked that particular class or not, he stayed in the same class for four consecutive years. English =15 out of hundred and I recall once in maths only 4%. He left the school after studying 1 year with me at the same class. I had no information about him for 7 years, after which I learnt that he was doing some kind of car washing jobs in the US and now this.

About me, I am a doctor by profession.Salary roughly around Rs 40000. Own a Maruti 800. Can easily feed my parents and I am their only son.

But still why that chap better off than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind thought nothing except that………………. 

Having no answers I drove directly to Ramesh uncle. I asked ” Why Uncle?” ” Sorry Santosh, He is a NRN. Atleast she can live a better life in US than roaming around with you here”.

Such a cheap answer!!! How could that be a possible excuse. Only being a NRN placed him in a higher rank than the highest job status in Nepal.

Now Urmila resides in Alabama and is a sales person in one of the jeans shop. I wish her a happy life for ever.

I went through this trauma some months ago, but recently I have been meeting people like me often in my clinic where they land up due to mental stress after break ups. I dont know why people are after overseas countries. Why do people prefer their daughters to marry a NRN than one who is working hard in our own country. I just call them foolish fathers because they dont care what work he is doing in US. Only a NRN badge is sufficient to lure the fathers. They think their child will be happy and safe overseas but they dont know that their daughters are gonna face more hardships over there.

I missed my girl due to the new tradition.  Getting distinction in SLC, 10+2 and studying in Manipal Medical College did no help for me.  4 years of true love went in vain.If I had thought before, I would have gone to US than spending 18 lakhs for my medical study.

I would have had my Urmila by my side ……………………then.