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Let’s have a break – it’s a poll time!

Answers to these pretty simple questions will help a lot shaping this site to your liking.












Your valuable feedbacks/comments are heartily welcome. You can leave a comment to this post or directly contact us here


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  1. ResponsibleOne

    mustang – What if I wanted to leave a comment in that picture? how can i get the direct link to the original post?
    IMHO link to the post is better than link to the file only.

    btw, there is no clue in the description of the picture that the photo is selected as the photo of the month. Once it goes out of the top box only comment will tell that it was a winner photo. EU do something for that.

  2. loona

    “EverestUncensored” logo-banner potraying monsoon season is really stunning. I love the Umbrella with twisted ‘U’… Thanks to design team for visualizing my lil’ concept… with clouds n rain-drops :smile:

  3. PKR

    Dear Visitor

    Thank you for your comments on the EU Logo. We have been implementing ‘Dynamic’ Logos which change with seasons and events. You can expect to see more changes in the Logo in the days to come.

    - On behalf of EU Logo Team.

  4. visitor

    Logo with clouds was better than current logo and new logo with two birds and mountain (everest?) is really nice. Enjoyed voting the poll :lol:

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