Father to Son – Small Talk

Posted by: Awsiv

If you want some respect, then you gotta earn it!

Just standing there -

Pretending invincible and tall,

But with the look of an arrogant fool in your eyes,

Ain’t gonna help at all!

Be soft, but unbreakable!


If you want love, then you gotta learn it!

Learn what makes her happy,

What makes her sad,

What she likes,

What makes her mad.

Let her talk. And Listen!


If you want fire in your words, then you gotta burn it!

Burn it -

With the fuel in your mind,

With the air in your heart,

Avoid the smoke – keep it clean,

You know what I mean?

Don’t shy away,

The world is as much yours as theirs,

Live in it while you are here!


Father to Son – Small Talk was last modified: December 30th, 2008 by Awsiv

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  1. Awsiv Post author

    This one first started as a raging write-up and ended up in an encouraging tone… But while presenting, i wanted it to be a bit milder… who wants to be told what they ought to do? it most certainly vexes them to a certain extent … so i gave a subtle title to it, to make the feeling of a “Father” talking to a “son” … he’s not advicing the son here, just having an informal conversation, a friendly chit chat… A father is the greatest idiot to a teenage son.. [i know it because i've lived my teenage that way.. Never wanted to believe that whatever my father said had any weightage..] The “father” here knows his son thinks of him this way and doesn’t want his son to get the feeling that he’s talking seriously.. Just a “small talk” but he puts in what he has to say…”someday he’ll understand” :)

    People are trying to share their experiences, their mistakes, their wisdom, their beliefs when they talk – even in informal conversations.. We often miss the point because our mind is pre-occupied with smething else!

    Thank you all!

  2. Dhilung Kirat

    Hats off to you Awsiv! Superb piece. Could not help myself not reading it twice and more…

    I can guess from where these words came out. While reading poetry I try to imagine ‘what kinda mood the poet was while flowing with the words’…. and I am confused here.

  3. Ravi

    Yet another inspiring Poem Awsiv.

    Don’t shy away,

    The world is as much yours as theirs,

    Live in it while you are here!

    and this line as well

    “Burn it – Avoid the smoke – keep it clean”

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