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Fare..thee..well Suddenly an overheard phrase stroke my grey cells, it was said by my friend just a few moments ago while we were in tea break. I wonder, how the climate affects a person’s mind and the thoughts. It’s a gloomy day today out here in Kathmandu, for some it may be a romantic day, for some it may be a dull day and for some it may be a hectic day :could have never took a chance to think about the climate. Weather becomes a real hot topic while tea gathering, and its natural phenomenon.

This day, I am lamenting in the reminiscence of friends who are going abroad (that’s US of A), some going to get better opportunities and some for further studies. To friends who left D2, I just want to wish them good luck to be better off in their lives. Cherished every moment we spent:. be it lunch time, be it hysterics of laughter and khai ke: khai ke: stuffs and DJ Sanziv :too..