Evil Eyes

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Evil Eyes
273. Evil Eyes
Photo By: Sanjib chaudhary
Posted Date: 17th September

As Dashain is approaching, so is the fear of evil eyes transcending upon the villagers in Terai. To ward off the evil thoughts and evil glances and save the fruit and vegetable bearing trees, climbers, shrubs and plants, the villagers make evil eyes out of black from the utensil’s back and rice flour. This pot bearing evil eyes was hung to a sisoo tree to save the gourd climber from evil eyes.

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  1. Shutterbug

    Well clicked! Sanjib chaudhary. It’s interesting to know this belief of ‘evil eyes’ people has in Tarai. Thank you for sharing. No matter how science and technology advance the world such superstitions still lives on in our society. And it’s always interesting to show pictures of this contrast between modern world and people who still believes on such belief.

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