New Capital of Nepal

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As a motive to decentralize Kathmandu City, Government is shifting the capital city to a new place. Below are some of the alternative cities proposed by the Government for the new Capital of Nepal .


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– Update –

The above poll was conducted to celebrate April Fool’s Day. A little change was made in the initial vote count to make the poll results interesting. Thank you all for your participation.

The actual results of the poll is displayed below and this is not another April Fool.

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  1. chitwan is best place middle of nepal

    Anynomous it is public international blog. try google to find. dont put it as someones personal property.chitwan is best place middle of nepal

  2. zephyr

    mustang would be too far place. if govt is planning to shift the capital, then it would be too much infrastructure expenses for mustang. mustang would be better as the tourist destination. pokhara is a big NO of course. i like dharan. and yes chitwan too. thats a good option.

  3. Chitwan

    Before I see these comments, I was thinking the same – ‘Why Chitwan not in the list?’
    And, I insist Pokhara not to be, otherwise it’ll be polluted like we have Ktm now.

  4. suresh

    Mustang.Mustang.Mustang…….1st choice, you can even go for others but not pokhara……

    Do NOT want to see pokhara as next kathmandu…

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