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Hiking from Phewa Lake to Peace Pagoda

Participant: ShameshJ, DijupT, SumitS, PramodKR, AshayT, BrijaK, RinaM,PallaviS, MamataO, NishchalS, KeshavB, VishnuK and DhilungK
Coordinator: DhilungK
Date: Saturday March 21, 2009 & Sunday, March 22, 2009
Location: Rupa Tal – Begnash Tal – Pokhara – Sarangkot – World Peace Stupa
Duration: 7 hrs, 1 hr, 6 hrs.
Distance: 425 kms (Driving), 12 kms
Photos: BrijaK, DhilungK, KeshavB, NishchalS, RinaM, PramodKR, SumitS and DijupT
Report: MamataO, BrijaK, AshayT & DijupT
Caption: PramodKR, VishnuK & BhaskarB
CreativeS: Dijup Tuladhar / Dhilung Kirat / Pallavi Sharma
Geolocation : Rupa Tall (28°9’29″N 84°6’52″E) , Begnash Tal (28°10’17″N 84°5’59″E), Sarangkot (pass) 2198m (27°33’18″N 85°23’49″E), World Peace Stupa (27°35’7″N 85°30’53″E)

EU Hike - Hiking in the Garden of Seven Lakes.
EU Team: [Secound Row] Pramod Kumar Rai, Keshav Basnet, Mamata Ojha, Vishnu Kshettri, Rina Maharjan, Sumit Kumar Singh, Brija Karmacharya, Nishchal Shrestha [Front Row] Shamesh Joshi, Dhilung H Kirat, Pallavi Sharma, Ram, Dijup Tuladhar and Ashay Thakur.

THE JOURNEY-DAY 1 : Mamata’s Recollection
After a lot of discussion, EU team selected Pokhara as the hiking destination . As we were setting off for distant hiking everyone was requested to be at 6:30 at office premises, but till 7 only five members had arrived and then the constant “call” session went on punctuated by phrases like ” Keshav where are you ??”” Nischal when are you arriving?? “Dijup you are coming at office or have to pick up on the way??”

By the time all those who were supposed to arrive at office did so it was already 7:30am.After seeing all , Dhilung, the EU co-ordinator, distributed the EU t-shirts to all the members and then we left for the destination. On the way other team members were picked up. Singing and imitating some of our colleagues, we reached Naubise and had breakfast there. Hoping for having expected breakfast entered a “pasal” popular for “Khasi ko Masu “but it did not meet our expectation and we went to another shop. After breakfast started team photo session and then moved ahead. On the way we stopped at Marsyangdi hydropower canteen and had tea break and then again continued moving .

After entering Kaski district we moved about asking the way to single view point of Beganas and Rupa Taal to the local people. It was there that nature was at its best. We were at the middle , on the left Beganas was opening its arm and on the right Rupa calling us . Truly speaking, it was ahypnotic view , after having few shots there we came down for boating, hired some boats and enjoyed one hour boating at Beganas with the panoramic surrounding and then had snack break and then moved for Fewa lakeside.

After reaching the Pokhara our first job was to search for a good hotel which could be covered by our budget and guess what after an hour of search and bargain we checked in and all of us seemed quite puffed up with hotel site and view.

All of us were reanimated after a long drive and then some of us decided to have short walk and rest decided to enjoy the evening by themselves. We, who were going for short walk were asked to be at Thakali Kitchen by 8 pm. After roaming for a while, with Keshav’s lead we tried to reach Thakali Kitchen which was supposed to be 15 minutes way but got elongated as we followed the wrong trail . After the “lost” episode, asking local people, we finally met rest of our team members who were waiting in Thakali Kitchen. But exhaustion of walk was flushed by the real Thakali taste.

DINNER-DAY 2: Brija’s Recollection
After a long drive, an extended evening walk and finally dinner, the day ended with one last event- live music. Dancing in the few head banging music proved a nice way to stretch and be relaxed. The night life in Pokhara somehow reminded us of the one in Thamel area in Kathmandu. Nevertheless, the “Pokharian” ambience was definitely present in the air. After the live music session, we reached our hotel at around mid night. With the anticipation of a bright sunny day tomorrow and lots of “to-go-to” places in our plans, the day finally came to an end with a good night’s sleep.

The next day began for most of us at around 6:30 AM. The day was totally graced with a beautiful and clear weather. We got ready and headed on towards Sarangkot by van. Sarangkot is particularly popular for sunrise, a magnificent view of Pokhara Valley and also a wide range of Annapurna, Machapuchre and Dhaulagiri mountains. In recent years, it has also become famous as a paragliding site. While moving through the van, with every turn up the hill, the WOW!! expression on our faces kept on increasing. It took around an hour drive to reach at the site. Reaching the top, we got a real treat for our eyes. A breath taking panoramic Mountain View accompanied by layers of green hills, peaceful Fewa Lake on the south and a bird’s eye view of Pokhara City spoke of the speechless beauty. “Thank you Pokhara !!!” for welcoming us so warmly.

Far at a distance, a small white stupa – ‘The Peace Pagoda’ could also be spotted which was to be our hiking destination. After a cup of tea with a cool fresh mountain air and snapshots of the snow white mountain in our mind, we began our decent.

On the way back to hotel, we went to the Bindhyabasini Temple-on of Pokhara’s popular temples which is located near the Old Bazaar of Pokhara. It has great religious value for the Hindus living around the valley. The temple is dedicated to Hindu goddess Durga. The fragrance of ‘Dhup’ and sounds of bell created a divine atmosphere around the temple.

We then checked out from the hotel, and had breakfast at ‘Be Happy Restaurant’ before commencing our hike. Breakfast was filled with jokes, caricatures and guffaw.

DAY2- HIKING: Ashay’s Recollection
Crossing the lake was not supposed to be as exciting as it was! We set off across the Phewa Lake and Sumit ‘s “Fear of Drowning” escalated every time the boat moved! He held the boat so tight, it was a revelation that the boat held under the strain. If you missed his forlorn expression, well you missed one of the most entertaining moments of the trip.

Thence started the hike. We climbed up to the World Peace Stupa. Through the trails, we met up with people coming down. Never once came across anyone going the same way we were. We hiked for some time and had breaks every once in a while! I would have volunteered to have had another hiker to have walked in my stead; but darn suspicious people. No one was as gullible as I thought. As we walked, we met several foreigners. We discussed EU with them and asked them to visit the site. They were pretty supportive of the idea and said they would visit the site. That way, we kept climbing. Near the top, Dijup carried Shamesh on his back, all the way to the top. The view from the top was great. We clicked some photographs and then clicked some more.

It was after this that we the most excitement in the hike. One group got lost. Yeah, I know, again! We met up somewhere on the trail so not that it was devastating on impressionable minds, but you know, it was nice not to break the “getting lost” tradition.
To say that the view was mesmerizing would be a gross understatement. Photographs never do justice to the landscape that nature is, but I miss the fact that we will only remember the place and not live there. It was a great way to end the trip.

As always this trip was very refreshing with lots of fun. As we planned this time we were ready for the promotion of EU in Pokhara where we distributed many flyers and talked to different people regarding our website.They were very happy to know about our website and it objective.

Solveig was one of the ladies talked to.She was in a week visit to Nepal with two of her sons.We met her at Sarangkot. She was very happy to hear about our website and the objective of the site. She told us that she was portrait photographer for Germany currently residing in Japan. After having talked to us for sometime, she was ready to change her mind and do some landscape photography of Annapurna Range, which was very clear and white We shared the website link and left her for our hiking destination-“Shanti Stupa”.

Marsyangdi- it is pretty who is loosing weight
01 Marsyangdi- it is pretty who is loosing weight
Fear of the season
02 Fear of the season
Ride Me. Please
03 Ride Me. Please
Risky ride
04 Risky ride
Local driver & aboard visitor for Phewa cruisher
05 Local driver & aboard visitor for Phewa cruisher
After nourishment at Noubise
06 After nourishment at Noubise
Flutter like a butterfly
07 Flutter like a butterfly
Appetite for smile
08 Appetite for smile
The Curves of Begnas
09 The Curves of Begnas
Hand in hand in communal affection
10 Hand in hand in communal affection
Looks like old EU footage
11 Looks like old EU footage
Close to inflammable
12 Close to inflammable
13 Thread
Minu and Rinu
14 Minu and Rinu
Rupa and her fans
15 Rupa and her fans
Nischal flirts with Rupa
16 Nischal flirts with Rupa
Shoot Me and I will Shoot You
17 Shoot Me and I will Shoot You
Taking oath to be more creative than ever
18 Taking oath to be more creative than ever
Be generous and fill in
19 Be generous and fill in
HDRish Begnash
20 HDRish Begnash
Rina takes a picture while a fish takes her picture
21 Rina takes a picture while a fish takes her picture
Four Men in a Boat
22 Four Men in a Boat
Mirror shot
23 Mirror shot
Mamta rowing
24 Mamta rowing
Sarara....Sahilas on the lap of Begnas
25 Sarara….Sahilas on the lap of Begnas
Crew and the airbus
26 Crew and the airbus
Don Vishleone
27 Don Vishleone
One of the mornings at Pokhara
28 One of the mornings at Pokhara
Two tower one from Nature & other from common mortal
29 Two tower one from Nature & other from common mortal
A bright sunlit white room
30 A bright sunlit white room
Machhapuchhre Uncensored
31 Machhapuchhre Uncensored
The EU spirts
32 The EU spirts
The lofty fishtail from Taal Chowk
33 The lofty fishtail from Taal Chowk
World In My hand
34 World In My hand
EU soaring to new heights
35 EU soaring to new heights
Anna Range from Sarangkot
36 Anna Range from Sarangkot
Very lively and profitable
37 Very lively and profitable
Three Twenty Two
38 Three Twenty Two
Dijup the Designer
39 Dijup the Designer
Incredible Ashaya
40 Incredible Ashaya
Solveig Boergen in action
41 Solveig Boergen in action
Occurring in the same period of time
42 Occurring in the same period of time
Leaving home away for joint happyness!
43 Leaving home away for joint happyness!
Pallavi, the Brand Ambassador
44 Pallavi, the Brand Ambassador
What a mixer of money and nature
45 What a mixer of money and nature
The three Mesmerizers
46 The three Mesmerizers
No business no problem
47 No business no problem
The other side of Sarangkot
48 The other side of Sarangkot
Coffee at Sarangkot
49 Coffee at Sarangkot
Through the Stone Glass
50 Through the Stone Glass
MI-3 for Pallavi
51 MI-3 for Pallavi
The Pillars pick Pallavi
52 The Pillars pick Pallavi
For pushing the wishing at Bindabashini
53 For pushing the wishing at Bindabashini
54 History
Discussing the directions
55 Discussing the directions
Waiting for you!
56 Waiting for you!
The T & J leaving the location
57 The T & J leaving the location
Too young to be used
58 Too young to be used
Nishchal slipping towars local
59 Nishchal slipping towars local
Sacred-calm & shoothing - Taal Barahi
60 Sacred-calm & shoothing – Taal Barahi
Happenings-nice to see
61 Happenings-nice to see
Straight after Chinese Explosion
62 Straight after Chinese Explosion
All absorbed in quiet reflection
63 All absorbed in quiet reflection
Rising EU
64 Rising EU
Ashay leads the pack
65 Ashay leads the pack
Free from fear and anxiety-meri Pokhareli Maili
66 Free from fear and anxiety-meri Pokhareli Maili
This what i have!
67 This what i have!
North part of Phewa
68 North part of Phewa
Not enough people please go there
69 Not enough people please go there
Next stop
70 Next stop
Live Poster
71 Live Poster
Thinking of million blogs ...
72 Thinking of million blogs …
Reviewing the moments
73 Reviewing the moments
A friend in need is a friend indeed, who is next
74 A friend in need is a friend indeed, who is next
We will join you
75 We will join you
World peace stupa
76 World peace stupa
On rent only for couple
77 On rent only for couple
Pokhara from the World Peace Stupa
78 Pokhara from the World Peace Stupa
Aadha keta, aadha keti
79 Aadha keta, aadha keti
Mrigini Yogini
80 Mrigini Yogini
Guess who favored and flavored this
81 Guess who favored and flavored this
Money and soul from Japan in the name of peace
82 Money and soul from Japan in the name of peace
Stupa guarded by modern EU monks and nuns
83 Stupa guarded by modern EU monks and nuns
Please read the exhibition
84 Please read the exhibition
A, B, C of EU
85 A, B, C of EU
Leave spiritual and rock with modern
86 Leave spiritual and rock with modern
Wrong way turn
87 Wrong way turn
Tom & Jerry
88 Tom & Jerry
EU parade
89 EU parade
Busy schedule
90 Busy schedule
Vishnu shares the bundle of Love
91 Vishnu shares the bundle of Love
We will write articles on EU one day
92 We will write articles on EU one day
Love cannot remain without action
93 Love cannot remain without action
Ram has seen much of Nepal like the Himalayas in the background
94 Ram has seen much of Nepal like the Himalayas in the background
Bonenkai - Japanese + Nepalese style
95 Bonenkai – Japanese + Nepalese style
Where is the pamphlet
96 Where is the pamphlet

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  451. I always knew , how much i miss my country… seeing such lovely pictures reminded me my good old days.. when i was in Nepal… Such a beautiful place..and love people.

    Girls are nice too, but my eyes glued,at the beauty of Nepal.

    Noble work, good luck.


  452. ……….was a fantastic trip
    thanks to all the “colorful” members of the EU team,Dhllung and Vishnu dai ofcourse

  453. Dhilung bro you did not answer ……. ……… MORE!

    Nevermind it was a family in friends and that family turned to be a friends… that was great going!


  454. Dear ‘Mr Sensible’, good to know that your hometown is Pokhara – Lucky you. I am also a big fan of this majestic place.

    Sangharsha bro, ya Solveig Boergen is a pro photographer from Tokyo, specializes in portrait photography. Nice thing she said was that looking at the beauty of Nepal she was thinking of starting Landscape photography more seriously 🙂 Check out her site.
    Its so sad that you missed the hike. Improvised version of ‘Hiking with Hands’ was a great experience. So many group shots (plus dozens more in the archive) – that’s the team spirit 🙂

  455. Jindagi ek natak hai hum natak mei kaam karte………. Parda utthe hai parda girte hai… Kabhi salaam karte hai… Kabhi salaam dhudte hai

    Hum sab natak mei kaam karte hai.

    Akele aate hai Akele jaate hai koi kisike liye nahi marte hai!!

  456. Amazing Pictures.. all of them actually.. but my personal Fav would be Pic 40 (Incredible Ashay).. Nyways looks like you guys had loads of fun!!

  457. Hats off to our great photographers!!!!!!!
    Pics no’s 6,8,12,14,22,23,46 and many more are superv……….

  458. Nice pics…
    19 Be generous and fill in – Nice
    21 Rina takes a picture while a fish takes her picture – Creative Fish
    27 Don Vishleone – Caption (Y)
    30 A bright sunlit white room – Majestic
    32 The EU spirts – I terribly missed the trip 🙁
    33 The lofty fishtail from Taal Chowk – Amazing
    41 Solveig Boergen in action – I heard she did some amazing portraits.
    87 Wrong way turn – Nice perspective.

    You guys seem refreshed and the hike seems joyful. This tradition should continue 🙂

  459. Another great pics… Every pic speaks of a story… Lucky U!!!

    Thanks to the Photographers for bringing out some finest piece of arts.

  460. everything is fair in love, war and blog. words get censored. pictures get censored. captions get censored. yes, even at everest uncensored.

  461. Everestuncensored has been operated by free volunteers and if they change your captions, they need to be relieved from volunteer service, whoever did it.

  462. ah. one thing photographers should have tried (or may be they did!!), Am not a expert of it though…
    Should have taken the railings of the stupa and the blue sky. it looks great… 🙂

  463. Pokhara is my hometown, but I Never get tired of looking at the majestic view Pokhara has to offer. Photography a class apart!!
    I guess you guys were lucky enough to get a clear sky, that too in the month of Chaitra, its rare…
    Pic 90 reminded me of a recent Mero Mobile AD – (the STD one..). All pics marvellous!!

  464. Hey … some of my caption comments have been censored 😆 so much for free volunteer service to EU on a late Friday night …

    You people are lucky – very nice pictures, myself been to Pokhara a few times but its always been haze/cloudy or rain to take the pleasure away …

    33, 36, 38, 56, 78, … beautiful captures!

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