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  1. Photo Fanatic

    Hats off !! Shutterbug. Seem like you are also working as a Goodwill Ambassador of Everest Uncensored. Are you?

  2. Surya Di

    I am proud of you. WORK is in your HEART, no matter what kind of work it is. Your commitment and your affection on work is admirable. Keep it up.
    Your Sister – Surya Di

  3. Lava Kafle

    Terabytes of thanks to Shutterbug for this honor to everestuncensored org site by displaying its flag there in Brandenberg, Germany during the Photographic Seminar.

  4. EU Visitor

    Glad to know that our EU’s Shutterbug is in Berlin. No doubt it’s really good feeling to see EU flag fluttering in Berlin. KUDOS! Shutterbug you made things awaesome not just your Photography and Comments. Photography seminar! Sound very interesting and hope to see more pictures from Germany.

  5. Dijup

    One salute from my side to Shutterbug.

    I think this is very honorable day for we EU team member.
    I am very happy to see our flag at Brandenburg this can be a good start for us.

  6. Lenscape

    Commendable effort Shutterbug!! A flag of Nepal along side the EU’s flag would have added more magic, i guess…
    And Rudra Ji, yes we all can do our best and the cumulative effort will always make EU the amazing place to visit.. for Nepalese and Nepal Lovers.

  7. Rudra Pandey

    Thank you Shutterbug. Your relentless effort to promote EU community is highly appreciated. 10 years from now, this will be the most amazing sight for Nepal lovers.

  8. Dhilung Kirat

    Its a great honor for EU-community to see EU-flag wavering at Germany!

    Thank you Shutterbug for all your commendable effort to spreed the voice of EU this far. Hoping to see/read more about your experience of photography seminar there.

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