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9 thoughts on “Enlightment….

  1. Superb Composition!! The caption goes along with this great picture, in fact this is more than “Just a Picture”.

    Some concerns as always.

    1. LIN Team: Correct the date of the post, it should be 30 July 2009 (And you seemed to be confused with the Nepali date of Shrawan).

    2. Limited description about the location. You said “one of a number of Buddha idols in the Buddhist museum”. But where is this museum located?? In Nepal?? In Kathmandu or other place?? Please don’t take things obviously. LIN Team could have communicated with the author for detailed description, as it will help promote tourism and Nepal as a whole. Also, search result will get this post caught on the Net, if we give ample amount of location description as well.

  2. Superb shot! Prajwal Bhattarai , My both thumbs up. Beautifully composed that follows this well known ‘the rule of thirds’ and good choice going monochrome. Delicate light accentuate this mood of peaceful, serene like Jane said. Keeping this space (well call it looking room) where Budhha is facing towards, makes this picture harmonious.

  3. Looking at the pic above I remember on thing that Siddhartha Gautam (The Buddha) told before he died…

    “Don’t make any idols of mine or build any commune under my name”

    And if u look at present, people have made thousand and thousand idols of Buddha.
    If you count the number of idols u’ll get Buddha’s idol on the top. Don’t know why people do “what they are not told to do….. ”

    The above pic is simply best.

    B&W picture quality have made the pic look even better …..

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