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“Drunkards” – The Keeper of Society!!

Here I am presenting a story, borrowed from my brother’s blog. I am sure there are lot of visitors of EU who love to get tipsy, but people around them (the non-drinkers) misinterpret them. This story is for all those who hate drinkers!!
Caution: Drinkers, please don’t become overconfident after reading this story.

Everyone gets bored with the same mundane existence. Daily routine, daily chores, same surroundings, same workplace. You, me, everyone. Even Gods.It so happened that after crores and crores of years of regulating the Earth, its inhabitants and its problems and being bored with heaven and the nymphs, the adventurous lot of the Gods decided on a picnic. They decided to come down to Earth and picnic and have a nice time. So,they came down and had a nice time feasting on the rare delicacies made by the chefs of heaven. When they had their fill of feasting and revelry, they decided to return. All the food they had brought was finished, only one item remained. And since the Gods were too full, they decided to leave it behind.

Time passed. One day some men came upon that heavenly product by accident. They tasted it and were hooked. The Gods soon realized their mistake. The addiction had traveled faster than the transmission of HIV-AIDS. They had a tough time controlling the whole populace from being addicted. So, they came upon a plan. They created a class of people dedicated to consume the product who would try and consume it all before the self-replicating product could reach alarming proportions. Thus were born the class of people we know as Alcoholics.

So, the next time you come upon an alcoholic, spare a kind word, smile or gesture for that keeper of society, who drinks all its poison to keep it safe and acknowledge the great service that he is providing to humanity.


Moral of the story: Respect drunkard’s as they are the keeper of the society.

Original Source: My brothers blog.