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Drunk Politician

  The people who we befool; they are our stairs

  the games we play;we always loiter to keep on and on,

  Ha! ha! ha!ha! to the media; we never speak  fair,

  my friend, language we speak;changes colour turn by turn.


  The rumours we make; they are to  heat up  terror

  the systems we make; are our lengthy policies,

  To scare the voters dumb;we are a big horror,

  what a fool are they;ooohhh……. scared, like rabbits.


  Oh God! bless them;they are pathetic gullibles  

  teach them to be skeptic; I laugh at their silence

  I threaten,  never to stop;I am  ruler,they the ruled ones

  God don't curse me;it is you making me devil,hence





5 thoughts on “Drunk Politician

  1. Pine Balon Ko Pine Ka Bahana Chahiye (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam)

    Ye Laal Rang Kabh Muhe Chhodega (Red Wine)

    Rato Tika Nidharma Talakka Talkiyo
    Chhati Bhitra Mayako Ago Salkiyo
    Phursat Chhaina Ye Hajur Aaudo Shanibar (Bhetauna Shanibar)


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