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Pawan Shrestha


Do pictures speak?

“Put yourself in someone’s shoes” is a common phrase. But it is not a common thing that we do everyday. We are, most of the time, self-centred. Especially in this modern, fast-paced life. It is only when we stop for a moment and give our time to others, that we realise the true meaning of empathy…….

Some people are under some serious false ideals when it comes to how much we as individuals can think outside of the box of ourselves. It is fascinating to fool yourself that you can put.yourself in other’s shoes….I would like to think that I can think like someone else but I can’t. I can try to make logical and or reasoned guesses at what someone else would think… but that is all I can ever do… is guess at best. I tried to put myself in the mindset of someone that was born into a rich world and I just can’t, and I really can’t see how anyone not in that world or close to it could. Life experiences weigh too much in our though processes for us to jump far outside of ourselves. I think we should work to understand ourselves and leave it at that. That task is hard enough as it is.

Hey Stop!!!… Now, as a “I want to show my name” reader or, as a “I will just put my comments but will never let any body know me” reader or, as a “I love to post comments only” reader or, as a “Guest” reader or, as a “protected java.io.ByteReader” do you think – the title of this article and the first two paragraphs have anything in common????

Well who cares? …. leave it and let’s dig down into some seriously funny business. How about putting someone’s head in other’s body? All it takes – Adobe Photoshop, few nice pictures and 5 minutes.