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Defying the government

Finally, the government was obliged to do something. There has been hardly any day without some sorts of strike or traffic jams in the capital in 120 days after the success of democratic movement. It was very difficult for anybody to reach the desired destination on given time. The valley was thrilled with series of lootings immediately following the success of the movement. Later, those acts turned to the acts of vandalism and murders as well. And Kathmandu streets witnessed series of traffic obstructions and strikes in the recent days. The government fuelled the fire by giving in to some of the very irrelevant demands as well.

Having realized the condition that all demands of all those protestors can’t be fulfilled, the council of Ministers meeting Monday has formed a committee under convenorship of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for health Amik Sherchan to study on those demands and fulfill wherever possible. Immediately following the decision, the government used heavy force against Madheshi Community people on their way to Singhdurbar for their Singhdarbar Gherao program. At least a dozen are reported wounded and are undergoing treatment at hospitals. In the press meet after the decision, Sherchan told that the government has banned strikes on emergency services.

However, the decision seems to have no effect. The workers under Sherchan’s Ministry were gathering at Maitighar Mandala this morning as well. These are the Assistant level workers on various health posts and hospitals. They have been protesting with a demand of two grade promotion in their service. If their demand fulfilled, a CMA or an ANM will be in equal status with an MBBS Doctor, exercising same authority. Many of them have come from the remote districts where other people at the moment might have been dying of lack of treatment. Isn’t the health an emergency service? Shouldn’t the government immediately settle the issue?
Another group of those injured during the movement is on relay hunger strike. Let’s see a few pictures on how they have been protesting.

People preparing for the protest.

Protesters displaying banners. A banner is from Arghakhanchi.

Hunger Strike: People injured during the people’s movement on relay hunger strike. They are demanding with the demands…..

Waiting for the orders: Police deployed to control the protests.

The army headquarter at the back.

Finally, we will remember. A hoarding at the background reads that 13246 people died so far in the decade long conflict will be remembered always.