Deertalk 2014 Season 1

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Deertalk Season 1 (Jan 22 -Feb 12, 2014) had Manila Raut, Shukra Shrestha, Prabim Manandhar, Minesh Maharjan, Shakun Shrestha, Resha Sedhai, Shrijana Tandukar and Nikita Shrestha as its participants.

With the beginning of 2014 began the seventh season of Deertalk. With fresh aspirations of the new year the excitement amongst the Deertalk participants was obvious. Manila, Prabim and Shakun were a bit timid to begin with but were gaining momentum with each passing session; by the end their improvement was unmistakable and their confidence palpable. Minesh was the embodiment of consistency as he deservedly bagged one award or the other in everyone of the sessions. Shrijana’s presentation were arresting and her voice so very clear, each and every remark of hers was firm and to be taken note of. Nikita was a tour de force from the beginning to the end, garnering the audience’s applause as she never ceased to awe with her audacity. Resha, cheerful and graceful as ever, packed a punch amusing everyone whenever she took the stage. Deertalk Season 1, an amazing start to the year.

Minesh Maharjan was declared the season winner and Shrijana Tandukar the runner up. The winner was awarded the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho while the runner up got “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat

Episode 1: TopicShrijana Tandukar, Nikita ShresthaMinesh Maharjan, Resha Sedhai
Episode 2: DebateNikita ShresthaMinesh Maharjan
Episode 3: ExtemporeShrijana TandukarMinesh Maharjan
Episode 4: PresentationResha SedhaiMinesh Maharjan
Season 1Minesh MaharjanShrijana Tandukar
Deertalk 201 Batch 4Deertalk is coordinated by Professional Communication Club (PCC), comprising of Rinesh Bajracharya, Manish Man Singh, Prabhat Man Sainju, Shrijana Tandukar and Nikita Shrestha.
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