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DEERRUN 2017 was a much awaited trail race hosted by Corporate Activity Club (CAC) for the first time in Nov 18, 2017. The trail started from Shree Machchindra Higher Sec. School, Khanikhola, Naubise, up hill to Khanigaun and back to the starting point. The venue was, two hours drive; twenty five kilometers away from Deerwalk office located in Sifal. Trail runners excited to run the trail and volunteers ready to help, this event was one of a kind.

The six kilometers trail, which initially thought of as an easy trail turned out to be much more challenging than anticipated earlier. The local traffic police facilitated the organizers to manage vehicles as the runners had to pass through highway to enter the main trail. The runners had to walk and run for almost one and half kilometers uphill uninterrupted. The roads downhill were walkable and scenes of beautiful panoramic view of Langtang range recharged the runners.

Checkpoint at the middle of a hill provided refreshment, glucose, water and chocolate to energize the runners.

Checkpoint at the middle of a hill provided refreshment, glucose, water and chocolate to energize the runners.

Dinesh Kumai secured first position by completing the race in 30 min 29 sec followed by Ganesh Sharma with timing of 36 min 40 sec and Arjun Kunwar with 37 min 05 sec from men’s side. From women’s side Charu Arjyal secured first position by completing race by 48 min followed by Binita Sapkota with timing of 1 hour 01 min 42 sec and Sabina Shrestha with 1 hour 01 min 46 sec. Overall Winner from men’s was Squad D and Squad C from women’s side. Medals and shields were provided to all winners by Rudra Pandey.

Moreover, Rudra Pandey, Chairman of Deerwalk Groups donated a sum of 1 Lakh 1 Thousand to Shree Machchindra Higher Sec. School for proper development of school and to provide quality education to the students.

Position hold by participants is given below:

Full NameGenderSQUADUnique
Finish Time
Dinesh KumaiMaleCC0210:30:5911
Ganesh SharmaMaleDD0210:36:4022
Arjun KunwarMaleDD0310:37:0533
Binod SujakhuMaleDD0050:38:5544
Sumit PrajapatiMaleCC0230:39:0055
Satendra ShakyaMaleAA0040:39:1266
Suraj GhimireMaleDD0120:40:1277
Santosh Kumar SahMaleAA0030:40:2288
Harish ThagunnaMaleAA0020:40:3099
Kamal PokharelMaleBB0160:42:021010
Roshan ShresthaMaleCC0100:42:151111
Rajesh SangatMaleBB0240:43:201212
Niroj ShakyaMaleAA0220:44:001313
Anil RaiMaleCC0120:45:101414
Kishor Raj AdhikariMaleDD0270:45:131515
Prajjwal SthapitMaleBB0280:45:351616
Madhukar ShresthaMaleDD0290:45:401717
Deependra ShresthaMaleAA0240:45:451818
Krishna Raj DahalMaleDD0280:45:531919
Krishna BistMaleBB0220:46:222020
Hikmat DhameeMaleAA0170:46:332121
Tulsi RMaleCC0090:46:582222
Charu ArjyalFemaleAA0010:48:00123
Raghu Nath PathakMaleBB0050:48:322324
Suryaraj TimsinaMaleBB0190:48:482425
Sumit KarkiMaleBB0070:49:032526
Pratik JoshiMaleDD0350:49:052627
Sirshak RegmiMaleDD0360:49:502728
Pramod RaiMaleCC0190:50:132829
Netra Prasad neupaneMaleCC0010:50:172930
Achyut Kumar BhattaraiMaleBB0120:50:313031
Bidish AcharyaMaleCC0060:50:453132
Prazol MaharjanMaleDD0300:51:053233
Albin LamichhaneMaleCC0070:51:133334
Sujesh ShakyaMaleCC0030:51:433435
Bimal PantMaleDD0190:51:443536
Ajaya PuriMaleBB0130:52:083637
Baburam NeupaneMaleAA0300:52:463738
Anuj BajracharyaMaleAA0050:53:123839
Narendra MadenMaleAA0200:53:403940
Shekhar BasnetMaleBB0020:53:444041
Praveen ShresthaMaleAA0070:53:544142
Narayan ChaliseMaleAA0080:53:564243
Ramesh MaharjanMaleAA0270:55:274344
Saurav ChapagainMaleBB0030:55:404445
Awanish RanjanMaleBB0100:55:484546
Prakash Chandra JoshiMaleCC0200:56:004647
Pawan KharelMaleBB0230:56:094748
Sachin KaranjitMaleCC0280:56:124849
Vivek Kar ShakyaMaleAA0230:56:144950
Sunil GCMaleAA0090:57:225051
Prakash BhattMaleDD0200:57:405152
Swagat PantaMaleDD0260:57:475253
Krishna K.CMaleDD0370:57:515354
sujan BishwakarmaMaleAA0160:58:555455
Mukesh Kumar JhaMaleDD0380:58:575556
Hari Prasad RayaMaleBB0260:59:025657
Sunil LamichhaneMaleDD0150:59:055758
Sujal ShakyaMaleDD0010:59:085859
Sujesh ShresthaMaleDD0241:00:005960
Binita SapkotaFemaleCC0171:01:42261
Sabina ShresthaFemaleCC0021:01:46362
Sulekha BhandariFemaleBB0251:02:13463
Nitish MaharjanMaleAA0121:02:396064
Sagun RayamajhiMaleDD0401:04:246165
Rajesh Kumar BasnetMaleDD0161:04:266266
Ashish ShresthaMaleDD0131:05:306367
Madhav AdhikariMaleDD0341:06:146468
Jeevan TimilsinaMaleBB0111:06:196569
Rojesh ShresthaMaleDD0061:06:526670
Pratiksha DhunganaFemaleCC0051:06:54571
Shaswot JoshiMaleBB0091:07:246772
Santosh AryalMaleAA0191:07:276873
sushant prajapatiMaleDD0041:08:496974
Ashmita poudelFemaleBB0151:08:50675
Suman ThapaMaleDD0111:09:027076
Sujan ChauhanMaleBB0291:09:067177
Nirvik KhanalMaleCC0081:11:487278
Arjun BhattaMaleCC0161:11:507379
Sanjay KunwarMaleDD0331:12:057480
Sagar DuwalMaleAA0151:12:507581
Romit ShresthaMaleDD0141:14:007682
Dirghayu MainaliFemaleBB0061:15:20783
Biswas LohaniMaleAA0181:15:407784
Puspa DangolFemaleBB0201:15:49885
Resha SedhaiFemaleAA0061:15:54986
Medha KCFemaleAA0261:16:301087
Bhesh Raj PokhrelMaleAA0141:17:067888
Manish Man MaharjanMaleBB0181:18:057989
Rajesh Narayan ShresthaMaleBB0171:18:498090
Nizu DahalFemaleCC0181:19:401191
Shyam Sundar SwonepaMaleCC0041:19:408192
Nitish DhaubhadelMaleCC0271:19:428396
Sanjay ShresthaMaleCC0331:19:428295
Sanshila GurungFemaleCC0151:19:421293
Lujla MaharjanFemaleCC0141:19:451397
Rudra PandeyMaleCC0241:20:258498
Sanjay MaharjanMaleCC0111:20:348599
Bimal TamangMaleCC0131:24:2286100
Pramita TwatiFemaleDD0081:24:2414101
Anish PradhanMaleCC0222:00:0087102
Dibyamshu ShresthaMaleDD009Half Way  
Susma PantFemaleDD025Half way  

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