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Dovan Rai


12 thoughts on “Dashain Wishes

  1. I support Dovan’s feeling. coz being superior being we need to behave rationally to every creature across the world either smaller or bigger. reckon the existence of others those contributing our existence directly or indirectly.

  2. Sorry u are against the nature law coz if u stop killing animal then how will be the ecological balance possible….hehe…..
    Yeah really a good idea let’s see how possible it would be in coming days in our country.
    What i have heard is that the most of the country where there used to be most consumption of meat products are now converting to vegetarian which is possible as they have always consume the meat product and become irritating to consume it further.
    If nepali can also eat meat product a lot then they might feel irritate in future but u know that most nepali have to wait Dashain to fulfill their desire of eating meat…

  3. those who eat meat are enemy of the nature. please stop killing the innocent animal now. go hungry instead of killing other living beings.

  4. its all life cycle, any way to eat meet we have to cut it. Other wise how to surive without meet. Only agricultural product won’t sustain. And what if some one start thinking plant are also leaving being why to eat and why to cut?

  5. Stop eating meat first –chicken, lamb, beef, pork, momo(non-veg)… yummy during eating…and asking not to kill ???

    btw it should be garaun…not garau

    one suggestion…when u r making wish, just make wish from heart instead of giving opinions like those from politicians…
    views might differ !!! but that’s my suggestion ..

  6. Dovan , you have a pure thinking of non violence. Lets hold our hands together and commit for boycotting the culture of sacririce of the innocent animals. LETS LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE >

    HAPPY BIJAYA DASHAMI AND DEEPAWALI TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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